Friday, July 1, 2011

Got less choice except..

When we crave for fast food here, we normally end up of having these..

We only have it once in a while since it's very costly! One meal costs you about $10-$20 depends on what opt for. I normally have to choose something with rice just to make sure Maryam eats as well. She'll eat more when there's rice and she's not into bread that much. And that definitely cost even more. Huhu..Takpelah, asalkan Maryam makan =)
Rice with chicken kebab and vege

Alhamdulillah, there are plenty of halal kebab cafe around us. Banyak choice ada, cumanya sediakan ongkosnya sajalah kan. Bear in mind that the cost that I mentioned earlier is just for meals, which excludes the drinks! Drinks - the cheapest that you can get is $3.50! So, normally we end up buying only one for three of us or sometimes no drinks at all.hehe..

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