Monday, July 4, 2011


Everytime we go for groceries shopping, I just love to see the wonderful looking yummylicious cakes, doughnuts and buns here. Tapi memang la kena control nafsu makan tu. It's because we need to carefully look into the ingredients details; whether it is suitable for us.

If to compare with UK, it's much easier there as most of the products which is suitable is label as 'V', which is suitable for vegetarians and we only need to look extra if it contains alcohol. But here, products with that kind of label is very limited and we need to know which emulsifier or product can be eaten or avoided. But, most of the time, tahan nafsu- ada rezeki buat sendiri la nampaknya. hehe..

So for those in Malaysia, enjoy the moments of having those yummy delicious cakes, cupcakes and those desserts that is readily available everywhere and everytime you need- siap duit je la. Oh yes, since sometimes it's a bit pricey especially those cute cupcakes, mouth watering creams etc, you must not miss this offer. There are on 50% discount and can be delivered to directly to you (some areas). So, please...please, eat that on our behalf =)

RM25 ONLY instead of RM50 for 16 cupcakes!Click photo for more details

Freshly baked, available in 3 flavours. Click photo for more details

Suitable for all occasions. Click photo for more details!


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