Tuesday, July 12, 2011

B.E.R.S.I.H 2011

For those in WA, it's common to have a routine rental inspection. Not like when I was in the UK, none that I know are having this kind of inspection. Same like Malaysia. Here, some will be having it every quarterly in a year and some might have every six month depends on the tenancy agreement. For us, it will be scheduled every three months.

So, the real estate agent (and the landlord, maybe?) will be coming tomorrow for the routine inspection. This is the first experience for us, after 6 weeks staying here. They have given us the notice, I think it's 2 weeks notice- can't remember. As usual, dah dekat baru sibuk-sibuk nak mengemas!

Since we've just moved and the furniture that we have is just the basics one, there's nothing to be worried of, I supposed. But, attention is more on the outsides- garden and backyard! Berbeg2 la plastik hitam of rumput and daun2 kering..huhuh

Suspen je kan, ingat nak citer pasal BERSIH. But I believed the event was a success ! Congratulations! Something needs to be done by the relevant parties. And us especially the youth! Don't waste your votes, register now and check your details regularly.

Oh yes, will update again later after the inspection. Hoping for a good result!

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