Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Story behind a photo

The photo above was taken last year, I guess somewhere in Sept. It was the time when we're sending off my BIL to Jordan in KLIA.

When I was browsing through the old photos, Maryam came and sat on my lap to join me browsing those photos - homesick mode. Hehe...

She started to ask many (Yup, too many!) questions.

Ummi, masa ni kita kat mana ni? Kita kat airport, hantar Uncle Mohamad..
Oh, eh Maryam tgh berdiri atas apa tu? Maryam berdiri atas troli
Oh, eh Maryam pakai selipar apa tu? Selipar red Maryam la
Eh Ummi, tgk tu..siapa tu (pointing to the baby..)? Itu Rayyan, masa di masih baby. Kecik je kan, comel je..
Aah, comel je..eh eh, kenapa Ummi x pandang sini? Oh, Ummi x perasan ada orang nak ambil gambar kita
Oh, abes tu..Ummi tengok siapa tu? Ummi tengok Ayahla..tengah sembang dengan Ayah..
Kenapa Ummi x tengok sini? (again..hehe) Sebab Ummi tak tahu ada orang ambil gambar kita..
Siapa pegang Maryam tu? Itulah Aunty Mah, Maryam ingat tak Aunty Mah?
Siapa sebelah Ayah tu?
Kenapa Uncle Muaz x tengok sini?

And many more questions that I really can't remember . She really likes to ask and ask. Her curiousity level is extremely the highest at the moment since we arrived here in WA. I believed this is a good development for her, but definitely need a high level of patience from myself and hubby. Hhehe..

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