Wednesday, June 15, 2011


During our shopping trip to Carousel one Saturday afternoon, we're having quite a difficult time finding a place to park our car. It's normal I guess during weekends, same like Malaysia. So, we then quickly gave signal when we saw one 'not that young' lady was about to leave, transferring off her groceries from the trolley to her carboot. There were quite a number of cars passing us, with the same objective ie. to find for suitable 'victim' leaving the mall. Hehhe..

It seemed that the lady is taking her own sweet time arranging her plastics bags in her car. Then, have to wait for her to put away the trolley to the allocated bays..huhu..We waited about nearly ten minutes just for her to get ready and drove her car away.

So, after we have done with our shopping, we quickly put Maryam in her seat and keep our things in the boot once we saw a car coming and waiting to take our parking. I told Maryam, "cepat-cepat, nanti lama orang tu tunggu. Nak jadi macam makcik tadi ke?" She then replied, "okay okay, cepat-cepat". Good girl..hehe

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Yesterday, when I was about to put Maryam in her seat, she then said to me..

Ummi, cepat2..nak jadi macam makcik tadi ke?


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