Monday, June 27, 2011

Clean as new!

Just want to share a good product to clean your pot. I've tried using this to clean my small kettle, which has been used since I was in University years. That's more than 5 years! Oh yes, as you can see in the photos below, there are white patches/pickles that was caused by the water that we used. It's very difficult to clean and cannot be removed by using just plain water and soap.

So, after being recommended by my dear friend, Faezah, there goes my experiment. Just put a packet of the product in a boiling water and leave it for about 4 hours or more. For difficult stain, you may opt to leave it overnight to get a better result.

Before (ii)

The pot cleaner by Cosway
Close up
The pot cleaner is not that expensive. It's about RM8-RM10 for 3 packets. Try it yourself!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Maryam Fudge Cake

For this weekend, I've chose to make a simple yet yummy recipe for dessert. It's Maryam Fudge Cake! Or famously known as kek batik.

Below ingredient is what you need, as per Aussie food and brand.

375gm unsalted butter (1 1/2 packet butter)
1 1/2 cup milo
1/2 cup condensed milk
1/2 cup sugar
1 tbspn nescafe
1/2 tbspn vanilla extract (I use Queen Imitation Vanilla - non alcohol)
dried prune
Marie biscuits (Arnotts brand)

Fresh from the fridge

Please bear in mind that the version above is made for 15-20 people. I've altered and mix-and-match many recipes which can be find in the net and combine whichever suits with our ingredients here..hehe. So, you may reduce the amount of milo, sugar or even omit the prune as you wish =) So, Maryam Fudge Cake is a Kek batik Thornlie version

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Car safety seat

Since we're in WA, seat belts and child restraint safety is a must and compulsory for all ages and fine and demerit points will be imposed for those who did not obey to this safety road regulation. We are a bit worry of our little Maryam since she's never want to sit on her car seat while we're in Malaysia.  When she was a baby and haven't reached a year, she always sit on my lap and I did not have the guts to drive a car alone with her. Either hubby drives or I'll bring along my sister or my mom will accompany us if I have to drive. 

As far as I can remember, she only got hers when she's a year plus. Beli pun sebab terpaksa dulu, when my mom went for Umrah and hubby always away from KL. Memang puas pujuk habis la at that time.

When we first arrived and rent a car, first thing that we did was to get her first car / booster seat. When we're choosing one, the sales women was quite surprised when we told her she haven't got any yet. Huhu..she even told us that we might be fine of almost AUD700! Alhamdulillah, Allah pelihara and nothing happens.

Here she is, excited to have her own seat

Sleeping on her seat; although she's a bit cranky and refuse to seat.
Maklumlah, dah biasa tidur selesa- letak bantal and selimut siap.

Before this, she always sit in front when I'm driving. If she wants to sleep or have milk, we'll have to recline the co-driver seat just to make sure she's comfortable. hehe..

Too tired, until she fell asleep
Once in a while, she'll refuse to sit on her booster seat and scream to sit in front with Ayah. And I have to sit at the back seat with her.  We'll read books and chatting together during short or long journey, just to make sure she's comfortable and enjoying her ride in her booster seat. =)

She's entertaining herself in the car

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Put-everything-that-you-have Spaghetti

One fine morning, I was in a very good mood to make a different menu for breakfast. Plus, our stock of plain bread was just finished the day before. So, I decided to make fried spiral spaghetti.

Since we've just moved in and have a very limited stocks and pans-just a very basic one, so there goes my put-all-I-have Spaghetti. Again, just a simple yet delicious meal to have! Enjoy!

Please excuse of my plain spiral spaghetti-no vegetable left in the fridge. hehe

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Winter Pudding

Tried to make a pudding for one occassion last Friday. Found a simple and yet delicious recipe of winter pudding...oppss,'s bread pudding. I know it's just a simple dessert and nothing to be proud of. hehe..Got this lovely recipe from here, which is originated from here. And I just love the food blog! Terliur2 je and geram sangat nak try every single recipe!

Oh Allah, murahkan rezeki kami and berkatilah perjalanan kami di sini. Ameen..

Since I could not find some of the ingredients i.e. vanilla extract, cinnamon sugar here, so I just proceed making it without those. Heheh..I guess, the taste would not be so much different. Alhamdulillah, the pudding turned out great - as long as my beloved likes it! Enjoy the photos and try it yourself! =)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Aminah AsSilmi: Part 2

Aminah Assilimi later fought back and took her case to the media. Although she did not get custody of her children again, a change was made in the Colorado law that one cannot be denied child custody on the basis of his or her religion.Indeed Allah’s love and mercy engulfed her so much that, as if, she has been granted the touchstone of Islam. Wherever she goes, people are touched by her beautiful words and Islamic manners and become Muslim.By accepting Islam, she became a changed person, and a much better person. So much so that her family, relatives, and people around her started appreciating her mannerism and the faith that brought about such changes in her.

Despite her family’s initial reaction, she remained in touch with them and addressed them with respect and humility, just as the Qur’an enjoins the Muslims to do. She would send cards to her parents on different occasions, but she would always write down a verse from the Qur’an or the Hadith without mentioning the source of such beautiful words of wisdom. It was not long before she started making a positive influence among her family members.

The first to become Muslim was her grand mother. She was over 100 years old. Soon after accepting Islam, she died. “The day she pronounced Shahada, all her misdeeds had been erased, while her good deeds were preserved. She died so soon after accepting Islam that I knew her “book†was bound to be heavy on the good side. It fills me with such a joy!â€Next to become Muslim was her father, the one who wanted to kill her after she became Muslim. Thus he brought alive the story of Umar ibn Khattab. Umar was a companion of the Prophet who persecuted the early Muslims before he converted to Islam. When he heard one day that his sister became a Muslim, he went out with an open sword to kill her. But upon hearing some of the verses from the Qur’an that his sister was reciting, he recognized the truth and went straight to the Prophet and accepted Islam.

Two years after she (Assilmi) accepted Islam, her mother called and said that she appreciated her faith and hoped that she would keep it. Couple of years later, she called again and asked her about what one would need to do to become a Muslim. Assilmi replied that one had to believe that there is only One God and Muhammad was his Messenger. “Any fool knows that. But what do you have to do?â€, she asked again. She replied that if that is what she believed, then she was already a Muslim! At this, her mother said, “Well … OK. But let’s not ttell your father just yetâ€.She was not aware that her husband (Assilmi’s step father) had the same conversation with her a few weeks earlier. Thus the two lived together as Muslims for years in secret without knowing that the other was also a Muslim.

Her sister who wanted to put her in mental institution accepted Islam as well. She must have realized that becoming Muslim is indeed the most healthy and sound thing to do.Her son, upon becoming adult, accepted Islam. When he turned 21, he called her and said that he wanted to become a Muslim.

Sixteen years after the divorce, her ex-husband also accepted Islam. He said that he had been watching her for sixteen years and wanted his daughter to have the same religion that she had. He came to her and apologized for what he had done. He was a very nice gentlemen and Assilimi had forgiven him long ago.Perhaps the greatest reward for her was yet to come. Assilmi later married another person, and despite the doctors’ verdict that she could never conceive another child, Allah blessed her with a beautiful boy. If Allah (swt) makes a gift to someone, who can prevent Him? It was truly a wonderful blessing from Allah (swt), and so she named him “BarakahThe sacrifice that Assilmi made for the sake of Allah (swt) was tremendous. And so Allah (swt) turned in mercy to her and rewarded her with enormous blessings. Her family discarded her after she accepted Islam, and now by Allah’s mercy, most of them are Muslim.

She lost her friends because of Islam, and now she is being loved by so many. “Friends who loved came out of nowhereâ€, she said. Allah’s blessings came upon her so much that wherever she goes people are touched by the beauty of Islam and accept the Truth. Both Muslims and non-Muslims now come to her for advice and counseling.She lost her job because of wearing hijab, and now she is the President of the International Union of Muslim Women. She delivers lectures nationwide and is on high demand. It was her organization that successfully lobbied for the “Eid Stamp†and had it approved by the United States Postal Service, but it took many years of work. She is now working on making the Eid Day as a national holiday.She had tremendous trust on Allah’s love and mercy and she never looses faith on Him.

She was once diagnosed with cancer some years ago. Doctors said that it was in an advanced stage and that she would live for another year. But her faith in Allah (swt) remained strong. “We must all die. I was confident that the pain I was experiencing contained blessings.†As a brilliant example of how much one can love Allah, she mentions about a friend of her named Kareem Al-Misawi who died of cancer when he was in his 20’s:"Shortly before he died, he told me that Allah was truly Merciful. This man was in unbelievable anguish and was radiating with Allah’s love. He said: “Allah intends that I should enter heaven with a clean book.†His death experience gave me something to think about. He taught me of Allah’s love and mercy."Aminah Assilmi, a national Muslim community activist, scholar and leader who died 6th March 2010 in a car accident outside of Newport, Tenn. She was returning with her son from a speaking engagement in New York. Her son, who was injured in the accident, was taken to a hospital in Knoxville

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Aminah As Silmi: Part 1

Just to share a story of a lovely women..taken from Dr Lo'Lo' blog..

She was a Southern Baptist girl, a radical feminist, and a broadcast journalist. She was a girl with an unusual caliber, who excelled in school, received scholarships, ran her own business, and were competing with professionals and getting awards – all these while she was going to college. Then one day a computer error happened that made her take up a mission as a devout Christian. Eventually, however, it resulted into something opposite and changed her life completely around.It was 1975 when for the first time computer was used to pre-register for a class in her college. She was working on her degree on Recreation. She pre-registered for a class and then went to Oklahoma City to take care of a business. Her return was delayed and she came back to college two weeks into the class.

Making up the missed work was no problem for her, but she was surprised to find that the computer mistakenly registered her for a Theatre class, a class where students would be required to perform in front of others. She was a very reticent girl and she was horrified to think about performing in front of others. She could not drop the class for it was too late. Failing the class was also not a choice, for she was receiving a scholarship that was paying for her tuition and receiving an ‘F’ would have jeopardized it.

Advised by her husband, she went to her teacher to work out some other alternative to performing, such as preparing costumes, etc. Assured by the teacher that he would try to help her, she went to the next class and was shocked by what she saw. The class was full of Arabs and “camel jockeysâ€. That was enough for her. She came back home and decided not to go back to the class anymore. It was not possible for her to be in the middle of Arabs. “There was no way I was going to sit in a room full of dirty heathens!â€.

Her husband was calm as usual. He pointed out to her that God has a reason for everything and that she should think about more before quitting. Besides, there was the scholarship that was paying her tuition. She went behind locked doors for 2 days to think about. When she came out, she decided to continue the class. She felt that God gave her a task to convert the Arabs into Christianity. Thus she found herself with a mission to accomplish. Throughout the class, she would be discussing Christianity with her Arab classmates. “I proceeded to explain to them how they would burn in the fires of hell for all eternity, if they did not accept Jesus as their personal savior. They were very polite, but did not convert. Then, I explained how Jesus loved them and had died on the cross to save them from their sins. All they had to do was accept him into their hearts.†They still did not convert, and so she decided to do something else: “

I decided to read their own book to show to them that Islam was a false religion and Mohammed was a false Prophetâ€.At her request, one student gave her a copy of the Qur’an and another book on Islam. With these two books she started on her research, which she was to continue for the next one and half years. She read the Qur’an fully and another fifteen books on Islam. Then she came back to the Qur’an and re-read it. During her research, she started taking notes that she found objectionable and which she would be able to use to prove that Islam was a false religion. Unconsciously, however, she was changing from within which did not escape the attention of her husband. “

I was changing, just in little ways but enough to bother him. We used to go to the bar every Friday and Saturday, or to a party, and I no longer wanted to go. I was quieter and more distant.†She stopped drinking and eating pork. Her husband suspected her of having an affair with another man, for “it was only for a man that a woman changesâ€. Ultimately, she was asked to leave, and she soon found herself living in a separate apartment "When I first started to study Islam, I did not expect to find anything that I needed or wanted in my personal life. Little did I know that Islam would change my life. No human could have ever convinced me that I would finally be at peace and overflowing with love and joy because of Islam."Throughout these times, she continued studying Islam and although she was changing subtly from within, she remained a devout Christian.

Then one day, there was a knock on her door. It was a man in traditional Muslim robe, who appeared to her as a “man in a long white night gown with a red and white checkered table cloth on his headâ€. His name was Abdul-Aziz Al-Sheik and he was accompanied by three other men in similar dress. She was very offended by Muslim men coming to her in nightgowns and pajamas. She was further shocked when Abdul-Aziz told her that he understood that she waited to be a Muslim. She replied that she was a Christian and she did not have any plan to become a Muslim. However, she had some questions to ask if they had the time.
 At her invitation, they came inside. She now brought up the questions and objections that she noted down while she was researching. “I will never forget his nameâ€, she said of Abdul-Aziz who proved to be a very patient and soft-mannered person. “He was very patient and discussed every question with me. He never made me feel silly or that a question was stupid.†Abdul-Aziz listened to every question and objection and explained it within the proper context. “He explained that Allah had told us to seek knowledge and questions were one of the ways to accomplish that. When he explained something, it was like watching a rose open – petal by petal, until it reached its full glory. Whhen I told him that I did not agree with something and why, he always said I was correct up to a point. Then he would show me how to look deeper and from different directions to reach a fuller understanding.â€It would not be long before she would externally submit to what she had already been submitting to internally during the last one and half years.

Later in that same day, this Southern Baptist girl would declare in front of Abdul-Aziz and his companions: “I bear witness that there is no god but God and Mohammed is His Messenger.†It was May 21, 1977.Conversion to Islam, or to any other religion for that matter, is not always a simple thing to do. Except for a few fortunate ones, a new Muslim usually face consequences. The convert may face isolation from family and friends, if not pressure to go back to the family faith. Sometimes, a convert may even face sever economic hardship, as in the case of those who are asked to leave the house because of converting to Islam. Some converts are fortunate to continue to be well respected by family and friends, but most of them face minor to severe hardship especially during the first few years after the conversion.But the difficulty that Aminah Assilimi had to go through and the sacrifice that she had to make for the sake of her conviction and faith is almost unheard of. There are few who could rely so much on Allah as she did, standing firm and meeting the challenges, making sacrifices, and yet maintaining a positive posture and influencing people around with the beauty of what she found and believed in.

She lost most of her friends, for she was “no fun anymoreâ€. Her mother did not accept her becoming a Muslim and hoped that it was a temporary zeal and that she would soon grow out of it. Her “mental health expert†sister thought that she lost her mind. She attempted to put her in a mental health institution.Her father was a calm and wise man. People would come to him for advice and he could comfort anyone in distress. But when he heard that his daughter became a Muslim, he loaded his double-barrel shotgun and started on his way to kill her. “It is better that she be dead rather than suffering in the deepest of Hellâ€, he said.She was now without friends and without family.She soon started wearing hijab.

The day she put it on, she was denied her job. She was now without family, friends, and job. But her greatest sacrifice was yet to come.She and her husband both loved each other very much. But while she was studying Islam, her husband misunderstood her for her apparent changes. She became quieter and stopped going to the bar. Her changes were visible to him and he suspected her of having affair with another man, for whom she must have been changing.

She could not explain to him what was happening. “There was no way to make him understand what was changing me because I did not know.†Eventually he asked her to leave and she started living separately.After she openly accepted Islam, it went worse. A divorce was now inevitable. This was a time when Islam was little known, much less understood for what it is. She had two little children whom she loved dearly and whose custody should have rightfully be given to her. But in a grave violation of justice, she was denied their custody just because she became a Muslim.

Before giving the formal verdict, the judge offered her a harsh choice: either renounce Islam and get custody of the children, or keep Islam and leave the children. She was given 20 minutes to make a decision.She loved her children very dearly. It is perhaps the worst nightmare that a mother can have: asked to willfully leave her child - not for one day, month, or year, but forever. On the other hand, how could she keep the Truth away from her children and live as a hypocrite? “It was the most painful 20 minutes in my lifeâ€, she said in an interview. Those of us who are mothers and fathers, especially of young children, little imagination is needed to feel the pain and torment that she must have passed every second in those 20 minutes. What added further to her pain was that according to doctors, she could never bear another child because of certain complications. “I prayed like I had never done before … I knew that there was no safer place for my children to be than in the hands of Allah. If I denied Him, there would be no way in the future to show my children the wonders of being with Allah.â€She decided to retain Islam. Her two dear children – one little booy and one little girl – were taken away from her and given to her eex-husband.

For a mother, is there a sacrifice greater than this – a sacrificee that is done for no material reason but only for faith and conviction?“I left the court knowing that life without my babies would be very difficult. My heart bled, even though I knew, inside, I had done the right thing†. She found comfort in the following verse of the Qur'an:There is no god but He,-the Living, the Self-subsisting, Eternal. No slumber can seize Him nor sleep. His are all things in the heavens and on earth. Who is there can intercede in His presence except as He permitteth? He knoweth what (appeareth to His creatures as) before or after or behind them. Nor shall they compass aught of His knowledge except as He willeth. His Throne doth extend over the heavens and the earth, and He feeleth no fatigue in guarding and preserving them for He is the Most High, the Supreme (in glory). (Quran 2: 255)Perhaps the air of Colorado was too thin for justice. Or perhaps there was a plan in Allah’s greater scheme of affairs.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


During our shopping trip to Carousel one Saturday afternoon, we're having quite a difficult time finding a place to park our car. It's normal I guess during weekends, same like Malaysia. So, we then quickly gave signal when we saw one 'not that young' lady was about to leave, transferring off her groceries from the trolley to her carboot. There were quite a number of cars passing us, with the same objective ie. to find for suitable 'victim' leaving the mall. Hehhe..

It seemed that the lady is taking her own sweet time arranging her plastics bags in her car. Then, have to wait for her to put away the trolley to the allocated bays..huhu..We waited about nearly ten minutes just for her to get ready and drove her car away.

So, after we have done with our shopping, we quickly put Maryam in her seat and keep our things in the boot once we saw a car coming and waiting to take our parking. I told Maryam, "cepat-cepat, nanti lama orang tu tunggu. Nak jadi macam makcik tadi ke?" She then replied, "okay okay, cepat-cepat". Good girl..hehe

source: google

Yesterday, when I was about to put Maryam in her seat, she then said to me..

Ummi, cepat2..nak jadi macam makcik tadi ke?


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Story behind a photo

The photo above was taken last year, I guess somewhere in Sept. It was the time when we're sending off my BIL to Jordan in KLIA.

When I was browsing through the old photos, Maryam came and sat on my lap to join me browsing those photos - homesick mode. Hehe...

She started to ask many (Yup, too many!) questions.

Ummi, masa ni kita kat mana ni? Kita kat airport, hantar Uncle Mohamad..
Oh, eh Maryam tgh berdiri atas apa tu? Maryam berdiri atas troli
Oh, eh Maryam pakai selipar apa tu? Selipar red Maryam la
Eh Ummi, tgk tu..siapa tu (pointing to the baby..)? Itu Rayyan, masa di masih baby. Kecik je kan, comel je..
Aah, comel eh, kenapa Ummi x pandang sini? Oh, Ummi x perasan ada orang nak ambil gambar kita
Oh, abes tu..Ummi tengok siapa tu? Ummi tengok Ayahla..tengah sembang dengan Ayah..
Kenapa Ummi x tengok sini? (again..hehe) Sebab Ummi tak tahu ada orang ambil gambar kita..
Siapa pegang Maryam tu? Itulah Aunty Mah, Maryam ingat tak Aunty Mah?
Siapa sebelah Ayah tu?
Kenapa Uncle Muaz x tengok sini?

And many more questions that I really can't remember . She really likes to ask and ask. Her curiousity level is extremely the highest at the moment since we arrived here in WA. I believed this is a good development for her, but definitely need a high level of patience from myself and hubby. Hhehe..

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The day when I'm a year older

The day when I'm a year older is just like the other normal days. Same like previous years, where once you grow older (or should I say, mature..=) ) your birthday is not that important. Birthday anak & suami lagi ingat =)

The only difference is that; this year - the special day falls during our first few weeks settling a new journey in WA. We received great news that morning, after about a week of waiting for application result. Alhamdulillah. Allah answered our du’a. The agent told us that we managed to secure the house and need to settle the agreement later that afternoon. Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah.

Since we are quite in a hurry, we had our lunch in Perth CBD. Hubby brought us to a Lebanese Restaurant. Yup, it’s a birthday treat. Alhamdulillah, the food was great. I ordered a Kertah in tray which is a plate of Lebanese rice with some homemade meatballs cooked with tomato purees and some vege. Hubby had quite a similar meal but with mixed donor. Sorry, can’t remember the name of the food and restaurant but we still had the photo of the food =)

Hoping that years ahead would be a fantastic one; fulls with memorable days each and every minute with my loved ones insyaAllah.

Moga Allah terus merahmati kami sekeluarga, berkati rezeki kami, dikurniakan zuriat soleh solehah, kesihatan yang baik bagi kami terus mendekatiNya dan memperbaiki amalan kami. Moga kami ditempatkan dalam kalangan orang-orang yang beriman dan sentiasa mengingatiNya. Ameen.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Maryam @ Park

Alhamdulillah, we got the chance to go to Kings Park, which is about 5-10 minutes walk from our apartment. Our little Maryam was very excited when we told her that we were heading to the nearest park that evening. She's really excited because based on her understanding is that park = playground!

Kings Park and Botanic Garden here is definitely different from playground in our hometown. Heheh..Pity her. She kept on asking us to bring her to the park as while we were there. It is because she didn't see any slides, see-saw or even swing in Kings Park! There were many people especially family with children enjoying their family time together  picnicing etc. But, she enjoyed it very much and looking forward to go there again insyaAllah.