Friday, May 6, 2011


Currently I'm enjoying every moments staying at home. Fulltime. InsyaAllah. At least for the time being, while waiting for the time to come, insyaAllah in about 2 weeks time. I'm quite tide up with housechores and other personal matters, which I hope I can manage and able to cope with it and manage my time wisely; for my own benefit plus family insyaAllah.

Effective 4th May, I'm no longer attached to my previous employer, worked since 2006. Being a loyal employee, I must say- I'm quite dissappointed with what I've been through nearly 5 years. Worked with a very minimum (read: very very minimum, which is very close to none) of appreciation although hard-work and efficient work done. Back-log cleared, up-to-date work, no overtime etc. Yes, I know that as a Muslim, I'm doing all the work ie my responsibility with the highest concentration and focus while at work all because of Allah - obey to my responsibility and not because of the boss or my superior. But yes, I'm just a normal human being, not a robot. Sometimes my boss not even noticed that I'm at my workplace! Great isn't it? Promises are just left as promises. Even increment was just enough to buy 2 packets of Dutch Lady 1kg milk! Astagfirullah, syukur2 Alhamdulillah. Better than none.

But, I still have close friends and colleagues. Able to listen and advice on work related. Alhamdulillah.

Close friends while in *HBB* - Oh, gem**nya I!
Now, I'm already out from there; which I always hoping for. My period there ended officially. Full stop. But why must contacted me for work? Tak patut, tak patut. Huhu..You guys don't even bother to get fulltime assistance for me. No one replacing me while I'm in maternity and let me clear all the back-logs after 2 months leave. Don't even care of my work. So why you need to bother me this time. Huhu...OK, that's it. Enough..enough of babbling about this.

Today is Maryam's 3rd day potty-training insyaAllah. So far, so good except she still refuse to poo poo in the toilet. She knows when is her poo poo time and run to get a proper place. But, she's not running to the toilet though, she runs to the bibik's room instead! hoho..Still working on it, insyaAllah.

And oh yes, now I've time for my little Maryam. We can go to the playground everyday, insyaAllah!

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