Sunday, April 10, 2011

3 years old = 3 times celebration?

Maryam was very lucky to have a birthday celebration three times this year, which is done without properly planned by us. Alhamdulillah, we must say that all these were successfully and earlier planned by Allah. Rezeki Maryam this year.

The final one was done in our own house, with guests coming from the closest family, relatives and friends. Alhamdulillah, turned out well. Rezeki Allah melimpah ruah, a duo celebration for her birthday and final events to be held in our lovely home before we go, insyaAllah. Since this event was also a last minute event, we do not have the chance to reserve or book a birthday cake with cartoons charactors of her favourite; same like previous years. Quite dissapointed actually, but Allah knows best. We got the chance to taste the yummy Secret Recipe's cheese cake.

Maryam's cake: Secret Recipe's Black Forest Cheese Cake

Maryam patiently waited for the birthday songs to end, before blowing the candles.

Excited cutting the birthday cakes; smiling from ear to ear =)

The second time was on the 28th day itself, Monday night.  Also without being planned. She was quite hyperactive during the day and night, refuse to sleep. So, I decided to bring her for a ride, hoping that she will fall asleep easily. But, I was totally wrong. She's still awake and asking so many questions; where are we heading to, why are we in the car etc. Hehe...So, there goes her unplanned birthday celebration. We then off to the nearest bakery shop to buy her a birthday cake!
Smiling happily in front of the cake.hehe..

Maryam's 2nd cake for the year.

Oh yes, her first celebration was just between us three. That was the night before her birthday; dual celebration for her and her dad. A day apart. Full entry can be read here. Alhamdulillah.

Three years old = 3 times celebration. Hope next year, we do not have to spend for 4 times parties!

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