Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dora @ iCity

Dora, the Explorer famously known among the kids is here in Malaysia. She'll be in i-City today, 19th Mar in conjuction with the opening of Snowalk @ i-City.

But, no..we are not going there tonight. To those who are interested to go, you still have time to be there as there is another session, 8.30pm tonite. We are thinking of going there actually since Maryam also likes Dora, but on second thought, we better not. The traffic must be horrible plus the weather is so gloomy and there'll be crowded with soooo many people. As we've been there before, i-City always full of visitors even though there's no such event. But, maybe I'm wrong.

As per earlier news in the local paper, the fees is RM25 (Adult) and RM20 (children). And I heard, there's an entrance fees upon parking i.e. RM10 for parking. Is it true?

Anyhow, enjoy your day if you happen to be there tonite. =) 


  1. salam perkenalan juga..

    bestnyer ada dora kt icity..but we never got chance to go there (walaupun dekat je..) :)

  2. Salam Kinna,

    Oh ye ke. Takpela kan, maybe next time bole la pergi (kalau la ada lg la event camnih)..hhuhu =)

    Thanks for dropping by =)