Saturday, February 12, 2011

Maryam's new hobby!

It's puzzle!

She really likes to play puzzle and able to solve it within minutes! Depends on the puzzle actually. Currently she has 6 different puzzles. Three of them are of Mickey Mouse CLubhouse characters, her favourite cartoon at the moment. Remember my previous post? This is her word puzzle. If you would like to have or buy one, just email me your details ok?=)

Mickey mouse & friends, with one missing piece. But she manage to find now!

Maryam's just finished her 2 different puzzles =)

Her other Mickey Mouse & Friends puzzles =)
It's great to see that she manage to solve it herself and in a very short time too! Since puzzles really helps in her brains simulation, I'm looking forward to get her more different puzzles!

Get tips on teaching on your child to solve a puzzle!

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