Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Lately I noticed that Maryam is really into her imaginary world. She sometimes saying that she wanted to take her bath at one corner in the living hall, pretending that she's late to go somewhere etc. While playing, she also likes to babbling around.

On one fine day, while Maryam was playing on her own, I heard she's babbling on some of the alphabets. I thought she was just singing out loud all 26 alphabets as the Sesame Street Alphabets Song. But, no... she's not. She's like saying " K..M..O..A..D..Y....(pause for seconds) MARYAM! "

She's actually trying to spell her name! Of course all the alphabets were incorrect. hehhe..She's still learning and she'll learn to spell her name soon insyaAllah.

Then, after few days or a week later, I heard she's trying to spell something. This time around there were many alphabets that she said out loud. More than the first one. Guess what is the final word! It's MARYAM SAFIYYAH! hehehe...She seems to realise and actually knows that the longer the word is, more alphabets involved! heheh

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