Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's Trifle time!

It's quite sometime I haven't make a trifle. I think the last time was last year or is it last 2 years? 

Since there is a demand for me to make one, so last weekend off we went to the neareast hypermarket to get all the stuff. Quite challenging as before this I only make for just one large oval, right enough for the family. But this time, it was supposed to be one of the desserts for the guests! Oh no..challenging from the very beginning to ensure that the ingredients is just nice to make them, not turn into a waste insyaAllah.

Oh yes, for those whom never heard of what a trifle is. Trifle is a dessert that is made in layered of sponge cakes, custard, fruits, jelly or even whipped cream. It's varies actually, you can either made the layer starting from the cake, jelly, custard, fruits and custard on top or vice versa. I usually opt for the latter. =)

Not much you need to worry as for sponge cake, you can get it ready at the store. The same goes for the fruits and whipped cream. While for custard and jelly, you just need to make it yourself. For me, I just don't favour of the custard making process. Quite difficult to get the thick and nicely made custard. You need to always stir and stir on a low fire.

Top view

Stack on each other in the fridge
Mine is just a simple trifle. Anyone of you can try the below recipe; taken from here. Looks really delicious! Try it yourself!

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