Monday, February 28, 2011

First colouring contest

Maryam had the chance to participate in a colouring contest during Ayah's company Family Day in Bukit Gambang. Yeay! It was her very first colouring contest! =D

Quite excited at first; lining up with other children, got a large cardboard and a box of new colour pencils. Furthermore, she got the picture of her favourite Mickey Mouse & Friends! Was she really that excited or her Ummi? Hhehe..

Ready to start colouring!

After few minutes started, the picture is still in black & white! hehhe

Colouring the Mickey's shoe. I myself don't even remember what is the colour. And it seems that she looks a bit bored, looking at how she's sitting & colouring.

Quite difficult to put her in focus. Busy looking around at other children, distracted by the clown giving balloons etc. At the end of the contest, she managed to colour Mickey's shoes Yellow, Mickey's pant - Red, Goofy's hat - Green & Donald's shirt Blue. Isn't it cute? Hehe...That's all she coloured.  But we still submitted her colouring masterpiece to the judge.

Surprisingly, she managed to get one of the prizes! Congratulations dear; although we knew that all children got a prize! It's a very good start indeed! =)

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