Friday, February 4, 2011


Maryam just loves the number 5!

Every time when we go out for a dinner or lunch, she'll run before us to find and get the table number 5. During our last dinner at Eimans Tom Yam House in TTDI Jaya, she wanted to sit on the table no 5 as usual but that table was small and meant for only 2 persons. Plus it is situated just below the TV. So, since we wanted to eat on slightly larger table, I just take that number 5 and switch to the table where we wanted to sit i.e. number 10. Lucky me that the number can be move around. 

Once we seated, the 1st waiter came and bring the menu. After we settled with the order, soon after that came another waiter bringing out the meals. Coming to us with a confuse face, placed the plates on our table and switch back the number 5 with the number 10. Maryam saw that, and quickly switch back the number as soon as that waiter gone to the kitchen!

Maryam happily holding the number 5
Can you notice the note on our bill?

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