Monday, February 28, 2011

First colouring contest

Maryam had the chance to participate in a colouring contest during Ayah's company Family Day in Bukit Gambang. Yeay! It was her very first colouring contest! =D

Quite excited at first; lining up with other children, got a large cardboard and a box of new colour pencils. Furthermore, she got the picture of her favourite Mickey Mouse & Friends! Was she really that excited or her Ummi? Hhehe..

Ready to start colouring!

After few minutes started, the picture is still in black & white! hehhe

Colouring the Mickey's shoe. I myself don't even remember what is the colour. And it seems that she looks a bit bored, looking at how she's sitting & colouring.

Quite difficult to put her in focus. Busy looking around at other children, distracted by the clown giving balloons etc. At the end of the contest, she managed to colour Mickey's shoes Yellow, Mickey's pant - Red, Goofy's hat - Green & Donald's shirt Blue. Isn't it cute? Hehe...That's all she coloured.  But we still submitted her colouring masterpiece to the judge.

Surprisingly, she managed to get one of the prizes! Congratulations dear; although we knew that all children got a prize! It's a very good start indeed! =)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's Trifle time!

It's quite sometime I haven't make a trifle. I think the last time was last year or is it last 2 years? 

Since there is a demand for me to make one, so last weekend off we went to the neareast hypermarket to get all the stuff. Quite challenging as before this I only make for just one large oval, right enough for the family. But this time, it was supposed to be one of the desserts for the guests! Oh no..challenging from the very beginning to ensure that the ingredients is just nice to make them, not turn into a waste insyaAllah.

Oh yes, for those whom never heard of what a trifle is. Trifle is a dessert that is made in layered of sponge cakes, custard, fruits, jelly or even whipped cream. It's varies actually, you can either made the layer starting from the cake, jelly, custard, fruits and custard on top or vice versa. I usually opt for the latter. =)

Not much you need to worry as for sponge cake, you can get it ready at the store. The same goes for the fruits and whipped cream. While for custard and jelly, you just need to make it yourself. For me, I just don't favour of the custard making process. Quite difficult to get the thick and nicely made custard. You need to always stir and stir on a low fire.

Top view

Stack on each other in the fridge
Mine is just a simple trifle. Anyone of you can try the below recipe; taken from here. Looks really delicious! Try it yourself!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Lately I noticed that Maryam is really into her imaginary world. She sometimes saying that she wanted to take her bath at one corner in the living hall, pretending that she's late to go somewhere etc. While playing, she also likes to babbling around.

On one fine day, while Maryam was playing on her own, I heard she's babbling on some of the alphabets. I thought she was just singing out loud all 26 alphabets as the Sesame Street Alphabets Song. But, no... she's not. She's like saying " K..M..O..A..D..Y....(pause for seconds) MARYAM! "

She's actually trying to spell her name! Of course all the alphabets were incorrect. hehhe..She's still learning and she'll learn to spell her name soon insyaAllah.

Then, after few days or a week later, I heard she's trying to spell something. This time around there were many alphabets that she said out loud. More than the first one. Guess what is the final word! It's MARYAM SAFIYYAH! hehehe...She seems to realise and actually knows that the longer the word is, more alphabets involved! heheh

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Maryam's new hobby!

It's puzzle!

She really likes to play puzzle and able to solve it within minutes! Depends on the puzzle actually. Currently she has 6 different puzzles. Three of them are of Mickey Mouse CLubhouse characters, her favourite cartoon at the moment. Remember my previous post? This is her word puzzle. If you would like to have or buy one, just email me your details ok?=)

Mickey mouse & friends, with one missing piece. But she manage to find now!

Maryam's just finished her 2 different puzzles =)

Her other Mickey Mouse & Friends puzzles =)
It's great to see that she manage to solve it herself and in a very short time too! Since puzzles really helps in her brains simulation, I'm looking forward to get her more different puzzles!

Get tips on teaching on your child to solve a puzzle!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day trip to Bukit Gambang (Again... =) )

Had the opportunity to go to Bukit Gambang Water Park for the 2nd time! Yeay!

This time we only been there for a day, stop by on our way to Kerteh! Hehe...

Maryam in front of the entrance

MAryam with Aunty Seenah & Uncle Muaz

Looks like Maryam is taller than the penguin..But Alhamdulillah, she's still get in FOC!
We started our journey quarter to 7 in the morning and arrived just before the water park opens. But there were so many people queueing for tickets and waiting to enter the park! Wonder what time do they arrive? Hehe..We spent the whole day there and drove further up to Kijal at 5.30pm. Half an hour before the park closes. Spent a night in Awana Kijal and back to KL at 11 the next day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Welcoming the new family member!

Would like to welcome the new family member in the house!

Do you know who's the one that really excited with the news?


She's really excited and looking forward to see 'him' =)





Just 'pop-out' from the box =)

It's Donald!

Maryam with her 2 most fav - Minnie & Mickey in the house!
Thanks to Aunty Tinie, Yatie, Faezah, Fariha i.e. Ummi's friends, for supporting in the stamps collections from Guardian! Heheh..It's very kind of you all! Muahs!!

Now, Minnie has 2 friends - Mickey & Donald!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Maryam just loves the number 5!

Every time when we go out for a dinner or lunch, she'll run before us to find and get the table number 5. During our last dinner at Eimans Tom Yam House in TTDI Jaya, she wanted to sit on the table no 5 as usual but that table was small and meant for only 2 persons. Plus it is situated just below the TV. So, since we wanted to eat on slightly larger table, I just take that number 5 and switch to the table where we wanted to sit i.e. number 10. Lucky me that the number can be move around. 

Once we seated, the 1st waiter came and bring the menu. After we settled with the order, soon after that came another waiter bringing out the meals. Coming to us with a confuse face, placed the plates on our table and switch back the number 5 with the number 10. Maryam saw that, and quickly switch back the number as soon as that waiter gone to the kitchen!

Maryam happily holding the number 5
Can you notice the note on our bill?

Bukit Gambang Resort City!

Heard of Bukit Gambang Resort City (BGRC) ?

We had the opportunity to spend 2 days and 1 night there during the last weekend of January. Alhamdulillah =)

It is located in Gambang, Kuantan Pahang about 218km from KL and about 35km from Kuantan. With the easy access of East Coast Expressway, the journey took us about 2.5 hours drive.

BGRC is the first and the largest water theme park in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. So, if you happen to be here during weekends or public holidays, please do not be surprise of the crowd as most of the locals in East Coast will come and spend their weekend here!

Maryam in front of the water park 
They have everything here - from the water theme park, Carribean Bay Suites to Active Academy. All in one stop!  

Man-made sandy beach

Cashless park!

The main attraction here is of course, the water park! With large area of about 60 acres, they offer lots of wide attractions such as Children Fantasy Island (“Penguin Island”), Special Kidz Zone, The Adventure Typhoon River as well as a 1 kilometer long man-made sandy beach. All you don't want to miss!

Interesting part is, it is a cashless park! This means that you do not have to worry about bringing all your cash each time you want to enter different areas or to pay your entrance or rental fees. It is the first of its kind of e-value system where all transactions are automatically deducted from a prepaid wristband. Sounds great isn't it? It is really convenient for you and your family!

Cabbana for rent!

One thing that you need to know is that, they offer some sort of spacious cabbana to put our belongings such as dry and clean clothes etc. The downside is that the price is quite expensive! If you need one, you have to rent it at RM42 or RM52 (inclusive of RM10 deposit refundable) and also come complimentary 1 pizza and mineral waters depends on which one do you take.

If you would like to come and try it yourself, it is open daily except on Tuesdays (except for school holidays & public holidays) from 10 to 6pm. The entrance ticket is RM21.90 for adult and RM14.90 for children below 12 years old. For children below the height of 90 cm is FOC!

More info can be found here

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Where did the helicopter go?

Look Maryam - it's a helicopter!

source: google
Where is it heading to?

Don't know. Space maybe..

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dare to spend $100 for this?

Have you heard of bottles of water that is made of frosted glass with gold paint and Swarovski crystal accents?

It's Fillico Beverly Hills, from Osaka, Japan!

source: google

source: google

What's so special of this bottle of water?

It's derived from a natural spring at the foot of Mount Rokko in Kobe, Japan. It is well known that the spring is actually very famous in producing excellent water for Sake production. Since the supply is very limited, only about 5000 bottles can be sold each month which explains on the expensive price of $100 per 750 ml of water. If you dare to spend even more, there are choices of bottles with caps resembling the crown of Frederick II of the Roman Empire and decorated with Swarovski rhinestones which costs you double the price i.e. $230!

This is the most expensive water I've ever seen!