Sunday, January 16, 2011

E codes @ biscuits!

Maryam bought a box of biscuits; with a colourful and interesting packaging, at least to her with my sister. But, we noticed that there is no Halal logo plus, there were so many E-codes at the back of the box in the ingredients content.

I've told Maryam that we need to check whether the biscuits is halal or not. At first, she refused and insisted me to open the packaging and saying that she's hungry and wants to eat the biscuits. But, after I explained to her slowly, that Allah will not love us if we eat this type of food; haram etc, she later understand. But of course, our promises to replace that one with another biscuits also plays the important part.

Later, upon checking in the website via mobile phone, the first two e-codes are halal but the last e code says haram. So, I've to reconfirm on her that yes, we need to put away this biscuits as Allah won't allow us to eat this etc etc.

Alhamdulillah, she understand and of course, she got the new biscuits later that night!

Anyway, just to share on some of the websites available for us to check on the e codes; as follows:

The most important thing is that we need to be extra careful on the products available in the markets, especially snacks for kids. Sometimes we often forget to check on the Halal status, because we think that in Malaysia as an Islamic country, it must have been taken care of that issue. But, I guess that's definitely not true!


  1. Salam perkenalan. just found your site @ FB :)


    can you give me hint on the brand name?

  2. Wsalam wbt,

    Salam perkenalan to u too =)

    Btw, the brand is Me*ji - He*lo Pa*da

  3. ok thank you. We should be more alert then.