Sunday, January 16, 2011

E codes @ biscuits!

Maryam bought a box of biscuits; with a colourful and interesting packaging, at least to her with my sister. But, we noticed that there is no Halal logo plus, there were so many E-codes at the back of the box in the ingredients content.

I've told Maryam that we need to check whether the biscuits is halal or not. At first, she refused and insisted me to open the packaging and saying that she's hungry and wants to eat the biscuits. But, after I explained to her slowly, that Allah will not love us if we eat this type of food; haram etc, she later understand. But of course, our promises to replace that one with another biscuits also plays the important part.

Later, upon checking in the website via mobile phone, the first two e-codes are halal but the last e code says haram. So, I've to reconfirm on her that yes, we need to put away this biscuits as Allah won't allow us to eat this etc etc.

Alhamdulillah, she understand and of course, she got the new biscuits later that night!

Anyway, just to share on some of the websites available for us to check on the e codes; as follows:

The most important thing is that we need to be extra careful on the products available in the markets, especially snacks for kids. Sometimes we often forget to check on the Halal status, because we think that in Malaysia as an Islamic country, it must have been taken care of that issue. But, I guess that's definitely not true!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Are you a fan of Beriani Rice?

For those in Shah Alam, looking for a place to have Beriani Rice, you still have plenty choices of place to try! We're not a fan of them actually, but lately we have the interest to get the very first taste of some restaurants new to us.

(i) JM Bariani House

We normally headed to JM Bariani House in TTDI Jaya to get Beriani Rice. Located in the same row as Eiman's Tom Yam House and BigFoot Western Restaurant.

Price quite expensive, or shall we say up to the current standard price of a plate of Beriani. Beriani Chicken cost you about RM12+ and more for Lamb Beriani.
Although their specialty is for Bariani Rice, they also sells other meals such as Bandung Mee (quite famous and delicious as reviewed by my friend). Haven't tried yet, maybe one sweet day =)

(ii) Bariani Pak Anjang

Chicken Beriani Pak Anjang

The taste is average, not that bad. Located in Seksyen 13, Shah Alam next to Nasi Arab restaurant.

They serve the original Johor Bariani Rice. A set consists of a plate of Bariani, chicken sauce, and dalca. Price? More or less the same like JM Bariani. As far we know, based on the interior they have been operated for years. Plus, they also have offer for catering purposes.

(iii) Nasi King Briyani

We had our dinner there few days ago. Located in Seksyen 9, Shah Alam. Next to the Chinese Muslims Restaurant Al Munawarah.

Chicken Beriani Gam @ Nasi King Briyani
I think this restaurant has the cheapest Beriani Rice we have ever met so far. Chicken Beriani Gam is only RM9.90! At first, we didn't noticed the cheap price yet, until we found out that if we buy only the Beriani Rice, you just have to pay RM3.90! Others sell at RM5+. Isn't that cheap!

Furthermore, they serve in a quite big plate. Big plate means more rice! Yes, you read it right! Plenty of rice, but you only pay quite cheap to compare with other restaurants of Beriani Rice.

Taste? Also average. The chicken sauce is not as we expected. They also offers other dishes like plain rice, a la carte menu etc.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Al Munawarah...

Al's not about tudung.

It's Al-Munawarah Chinese Muslim Restaurant. It is located in Seksyen 9, Shah Alam behind the Concorde Hotel. Alhamdulillah, the food was great with quite reasonable price!

We had plain rice with Kam Heong Chicken, Fuyung Egg and Claypot Tofu. There are many other types of food you can choose; from various types of mee or rice to many other ala carte dishes. It is worth a try! We don't even know there is such a restaurant like this in Shah Alam. The only one that we had before was in KL,  the Cheng Ho Restaurant belongs to Amy Search.

Claypot Tofu

Kam Heong Chicken

Fuyung Egg


Try it yourself!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

01.1.11 : Challenges in parenting

We spent our New Year morning in Bangi for a small gathering with some colleagues and friends of mine; sharing knowledge and experiences Alhamdulillah, a good start insyaAllah. Manage to keep in touch with old friends while we’re in the UK. Some came with full of ‘handbags’, some still maintain single. Hehe..Great experiences for Maryam too as she managed to get to know new bunch of friends, of which all were boys. She's the roses among the torns. hehe..

We had some discussions, where highlights were mostly about parenting tips and skills. Started off with reciting and discussing on tafseer Surah Luqman; focused between ayat 12 – 19.

One of us did mentioned that there are different ways in tackling and teaching children according to their age. Between 0-7 years old for instance, they tend to develop skills and learn through playing. Thus, parents have to make sure to be with them, playing and blend with their imagination as being part of the development process.

source: google

Once our children grew older, start schooling ie between 7 and 14 years old, that's the best time for us to teach them on what's wrong and what's good (halal & haram etc). This is because at this age, they tend to follow and obey on instructions given. Yup, in some occassion, yes..this might be true. If you notice, primary children tend to believe that whatever their teacher says is always right! But, is it really true that we can only teach on halal & haram etc only after they have started schooling. Nowadays, children are far more advance than us and whatever they know is sometimes unpredictable!

After the age of 14yo, they demand us to treat them as adult. The way we talk and give opinions, advise them shall be as if they are a friend of us.

If we think about it, it's a very challenging task in bringing up children nowadays. Since everything is just a finger click away, monitoring our childrens' activities can be very challenging. We cannot guard them everywhere and anywhere they go as one day, we'll leave them. If our approach tends to be too strict, children might become rebellious. Thus, a good fundamental of Islamic approach shall be the best way.

Hoping that I'll have the patience in bringing up my children. May Allah gives us strengh and always be with us, shed us lights along our way till Jannah, insyaALlah.