Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Visiting Melaka Maju 2010

Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah as we've been given another opportunity to spent our family time together..this time----- in Melaka! Yeay!

It was a last minute booking actually. Most of the affordable and great hotels were fully booked due to the school holidays, while other available hotels were way out of the budget and not reasonable. Alhamdulillah, managed to get one - Puteri Resort. Quite satisfied with the hotel, just about 2km from Air Keroh exit plus everything is within short distance- zoo, crocodile farm, botanical garden etc.

Arrived there about 3pm but our room is still not ready yet. Waited for 15mins, then we had some rest before heading off for Melaka River Cruise after Maghrib. We parked our car at Jalan Merdeka jetty, and the queue is very long! The ticket costs RM10 both of us and RM5 for Maryam. Cruising Melaka River wasn't that interesting though..but managed to get to know the history of some places along the river such as Dataran Pahlawan, Museums Spot etc although the sound from the recording tape wasn't that clear and loud enough for us sitting to the front of the boat. The scenery also was not that nice although we've been cruising at night. Maryam seemed to get bored and yawning once in a while maybe because she's still tired with the 2hours journey I guess..huhu..

Day 2 - After breakfast, we headed to the Melaka town. Start off with Menara Taming Sari and ended our mid day at A Famosa. Were quite lucky as the weather was very wonderful, the sun started to rise up high as we headed back to our hotel, Alhamdulillah. Had our lunch at the Halal Section in Newtown. Average.

Get ready to be 'on air'...

View from above...
After Asr', we went to the Crocodile Farm, which was located about 5 mins from Puteri Resort. Also dissapointed with the facilities and we realised that they only have just one type of crocodile and it wasn't properly maintained and taken care of. I think the only interesting part people went here was only to go the water playground.

Get to know the same species of crocodile..
We went to the Night Zoo although it was raining cats and dogs. Thought it was like a safari, but quite dissapointed actually as nothing much we can see at the night zoo. We had to take the train to get around the zoo with just some explanation by the staff, only if you can hear it from behind! She just torched the lights to some of the animals along the way. Since it was raining, none of us dare to stop and the finished the tour in only 15mins! What a waste of RM10!huhuh...

Day 3 - Visited the Mini Malaysia & Mini Asean before we headed back to S.Alam.

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