Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Minnie dah ada 'friend'

Sebelum ini. Maryam ok je with her new toy. Quite sometime dah pun, I think that was about many months back, when her new friend arrived to our new home. But lately, she often says that her friend, Minnie has no friend.

I think Maryam said it first to her Ayah.

Maryam: Ayah, kesian Minnie la Ayah..dia takda friend
Ayah: Maryam kan Minnie's friend
Maryam: Bukan. Maryam bukan friend Minnie...Maryam kakak..(huhu...)

Maryam with Minnie in her new bike, October 2010
Later after that, she starts saying the same thing to me and also her Opah. And the conversation was about the same and continue..

Opah: Maryam kan boleh jadi Minnie's friend
Maryam: Bukanlah Opah, Maryam bukan friend Minnie
Opah: Kalau macam tu, siapa Minnie's friend?
Maryam: Hmm...Minnie's friend tu macam Mickey ke, Donald, Daisy..Pluto..Goufy...

During our stay with Ayah in Terengganu, Alhamdulillah..Maryam found her Minnie's friend!


  1. Mazia! chubby nye maryam.. zahraa jugak yg slim2 cam tuh.. bg mkn ape nih? hehe

  2. hehe...biasa2 aja makannya fedy. Tapi biasanya mmg mkn nasi, fav nya with sup ayam, & alhamdulillah, selera makan pon ok. susu pon boleh thn =)

    zahraa tu slim ikut mak nya la tu!hehe