Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dinosour @ Malaysia?

It's Dinos Alive!

We've got the chance to visit the exhibition organised by Pusat Sains Negara (PSN) last Saturday, Alhamdulillah. I'm quite surprised to see there were so many cars being parked alongside the road before we entered the PSN entrance gate. Ingatkan ramai orang KL/Selangor balik kampung! 

The entrance ticket for the Dinos Alive is RM10 (Adult) and RM5 (children). But if you come as a family of 2 adults & 2 children, you just have to pay for RM25! The rest of the exhibition in the PSN was FOC if you choose not to enter the Dinos Alive.

You'll see two large dinosours once you got inside the atrium. The dinosours were actually moving (their heads and tails were moving and not walking), complete with the loud dinosours's sounds as if you were at their world! Some of the children were holding tight with their parents, scared of the sounds. Surprisingly, Maryam was quite amazed and enjoying the view & sounds of both dinosours! hehe..

Two large dinosours in the middle of the atrium

Maryam seronok dapat jumpa dinosours!
 There are many other types of dinosours alive in the Level 2. You'll get to know their family and species as all being displayed next to the dinosours. Overall, the exhibition was great although we're not fancy of those creatures..hehe..hopefully a great experiences for the little girl Maryam.

Besides the Dinos Alive, there are other sciences models being displayed in PSN. Some areas were closed for constructions and for redesign purposes. As some of the sciences model and experiments were meant for the visitors to expose and experiment, most of it were broken and cannot be used/experimented anymore. I believed some of the visitors were over excited and have been use it to hard or maybe most of it were not being well maintained. Quite dissappointed actually for those first timers there.

Trying to solve..
If you're interested to go to the exhibition ie. Dinos Alive, you still have the time until May 2011. This time around, PSN is open daily from 9.00 am to 5.00pm including Public Holidays except for Aidilfitri, Aidiladha & CNY just to cater for the special exhibition.

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