Sunday, October 17, 2010

Maryam & LollyPoP

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During our last cousin's wedding in Nibong Tebal, one of the hantarans was a chocolate cake decorated with colourful lollypops. It was really tempting, at least for my little girl, Maryam. She was eyeing on it ever since we arrived at the masjid for the akad nikah. She was asking me to get one of those for her, which was definitely a no no for her as the ceremony was not even started plus it was the gift from the other side of the family! Kiranya, hantaran pun masih belum bertukar tangan.

She asked me for that lollypop few times but she's got the same answer from me. So, she tried to ask for the same with her aunty Mah. Pity her, she got the same 'no' answer. That definitely not putting her down. Trying her luck with her Opah. Then, aunty Keenah etc. Of course, semua orang suruh Maryam sabar sekejap at least after the ceremony ends. Really determine to get that one lollypop!

Later after that, she stopped asking for it and was playing around the masjid. Maybe she forgot about it. The akad nikah went well and we were all chatting and catching up on each others update. Musim kenduri la biasanya dapat berjumpa. Then suddenly,

Mah: K Mazia, tengok tu! (showing off Maryam's hand; laughing of course!)

She took the lollypop on her own!


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