Sunday, October 31, 2010

Puzzle puzzle everywhere..




Now...spell the word

I did it!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Nap time..

Maryam setahun lebih yang lalu @ Awana

Maryam sekarang agak susah nak tidur siang. Tak tahulah kenapa. Sebenarnya, dah memang noticed that she does not really taking her nap time during the day since she's 18months up to now. It depends actually. But, most of the time memang jarang tidur siang.

Maryam akan main dan ada sahaja aktiviti siangnya sungguhpun matanya memang dah mengantuk sangat. Kalau nak kata, bangun awal pagi..not that early. It's between 7.30-8.30 in the morning. If she sleeps during the day, although for an hour, she will be in bed around 9pm. But, if she's not, she will starts yawning and sleeps as early as after Maghrib until the next morning.

I'm not sure whether this is normal or not. But according to some of the articles, I shouldn't be worried much. As long as she's taking the adequate time of 12 to 14 hours of sleep in each 24hours period, that would be just fine. So, in this case, if Maryam sleeps at 8pm and wakes around 8am in the morning, she may gets her full quota of rest at once and giving no reasons for her to need a nap.

Some useful tips for your child to get her rest during the day (

* If your toddler's at home, put her down for her nap in the same place where she sleeps at night. Because she already associates that spot with sleep, she's more likely to doze.

* If she goes to daycare or preschool and naps there, keep your home routine consistent with theirs. Tuck her in with the same stuffed animal or lovey she usually sleeps with at school.

* Figure out when your child gets sleepy in the afternoon (even if she denies it). Is it right after lunch, or an hour later? Just like adults, children have natural circadian rhythms, or sleep rhythms — watch for signs that your toddler's naturally drowsy. Build a nap routine around this time of day, working backward from when you first see her yawn or rub her eyes.

* If your child gives up her naps altogether before she's 4 years old, at least offer her some quiet time every day. Tell her that children rest after lunch so they'll have enough energy to play later on. Let her take some toys and books to bed with her, then dim the lights or draw the curtains and leave the room. Although she won't feel as well rested as she would had she slept, spending an hour or two not involved in active play will definitely do her some good.

When I try to put Maryam to sleep during the day, she will giving lots of least on her own way..huhu
Scene 1
Ummi: Maryam, jomlah tidur. Dah penat main kan..
Maryam: Ummi, it's day! Bukannya night..(for her, people only sleeps during the night)
Scene 2:
Ummi: Maryam, tidurlah siang ya. Malam nanti, kita nak keluar pergi airport hantar Mah...Maryam nak ikut ummi pergi airport kan? (gaya pujuk sebab malam nak pergi somewhere)
Maryam: Nak, Maryam nak itot. Ok ok, Maryam tidur.
Sambil baring dan pejam mata sekejap..Sekejap je..lepas tu..
Maryam: Kokok kok...(bunyi ayam berkokok)..sambil mengeliat dah bangun tidur...huhuh
I just want her to get her nap during the day. At least, to get some rests after playing the whole day. But, most importantly is that.. I just want to see her awake and spend time with her once I got back from work..huhu..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Maryam & LollyPoP

source: google

During our last cousin's wedding in Nibong Tebal, one of the hantarans was a chocolate cake decorated with colourful lollypops. It was really tempting, at least for my little girl, Maryam. She was eyeing on it ever since we arrived at the masjid for the akad nikah. She was asking me to get one of those for her, which was definitely a no no for her as the ceremony was not even started plus it was the gift from the other side of the family! Kiranya, hantaran pun masih belum bertukar tangan.

She asked me for that lollypop few times but she's got the same answer from me. So, she tried to ask for the same with her aunty Mah. Pity her, she got the same 'no' answer. That definitely not putting her down. Trying her luck with her Opah. Then, aunty Keenah etc. Of course, semua orang suruh Maryam sabar sekejap at least after the ceremony ends. Really determine to get that one lollypop!

Later after that, she stopped asking for it and was playing around the masjid. Maybe she forgot about it. The akad nikah went well and we were all chatting and catching up on each others update. Musim kenduri la biasanya dapat berjumpa. Then suddenly,

Mah: K Mazia, tengok tu! (showing off Maryam's hand; laughing of course!)

She took the lollypop on her own!