Sunday, August 22, 2010

Maryam @ 28months

Scene 1
We paid one Pakistani men to cut the long-grown grass outside of the house on one fine Sunday. Obviously, we can hear the noise from our living room..

Maryam: Ummi, bunyi apa tu?
Ummi: Orang tengah potong rumput..
Maryam quickly run to the sliding door to look what's happening outside..
Maryam: Ummi..ummi...orang tu buat sepah-sepah la kat umah Ayah..

Scene 2
We were chatting in the living room while Maryam's watching the cartoon. She's sitting in the middle, the hubby on the other side while I'm on the other. Suddenly,

Maryam: Ummi...bisingla..orang nak tengok tv la..

Scene 3
Maryam was playing on her own as usual..She then asked me to play together in her playhouse.

Maryam: Ummi..jom..joom la ummi (while she's holding my hand..)
Ummi: Takpela..Maryam main je la..ummi tak muat la nak masuk rumah Maryam..
Maryam: Bole...bole la ummi. Ummi kecik je..(huhu)

While we both inside her playhouse, she's giggling happily..She then screaming loudly calling Ayah..

Maryam: Ayah...ayah...where are you? Come back Ayah..

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