Monday, August 30, 2010

Ramadhan Buffet

Had our buffet buka puasa at Ani Sup Utara Shah Alam, just for a change. Today marked as our first Ramadhan buffet for this year..We don't really favour to go for a buffet for a few reasons.

One is definitely because the price that we paid is totally way too much than what we can eat, especially during Ramadhan. It is such a waste, as normally after we break fast, we can't just eat. After eating some kuih-muih, had some drinks, and that's it. I'm full already! The other reason is we tend to over eat! Do you know why? Since we already paid for a sum amount that we know it is too much, we tend to eat and eat and eat to make sure it is worth the money that we paid! Hoho..over eating is not good for our health and it is definitely will make you tired and will disturb our concentration during our prayers.

But, Alhamdulillah, our first Ramadhan buffet was ok. Makan sekadar mana yang perlu dan tidak terlalu kenyang, Alhamdulillah. The food was nice, with varieties of food and the cost for each is quite reasonable, I guess. For adult is RM19.90 and children below 12 is RM8.90. We just paid for 2 as Maryam is just 2 yo. Plenty choices of lauk, varieties of kuih-muih, char kuey teow stall, ikan bakar stall, ais kacang stall and not to forget their main meals; soups!

There were so many people in the restaurant when we arrived, which is about 7pm. We didn't make any booking before coming, as it was a last minute decision really. All in all, everything was ok, not too bad. If you are lucky enough, you can still get a seat inside the restaurant although you do not book your seat. If not, you can still enjoy the food outside under their big tent.

Oh yes, another reason on why we don' really prefer for a Ramadhan buffet is that normally we have to 'terkejar-kejar' to eat and go back home for Maghrib prayer. Alhamdulillah, the reastaurant have the surau although they need to make it more comfortable for the guests.

So, for those interested to have a try of their Ramadhan Buffet, you can go to any of their outlets.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Maryam @ 28months

Scene 1
We paid one Pakistani men to cut the long-grown grass outside of the house on one fine Sunday. Obviously, we can hear the noise from our living room..

Maryam: Ummi, bunyi apa tu?
Ummi: Orang tengah potong rumput..
Maryam quickly run to the sliding door to look what's happening outside..
Maryam: Ummi..ummi...orang tu buat sepah-sepah la kat umah Ayah..

Scene 2
We were chatting in the living room while Maryam's watching the cartoon. She's sitting in the middle, the hubby on the other side while I'm on the other. Suddenly,

Maryam: Ummi...bisingla..orang nak tengok tv la..

Scene 3
Maryam was playing on her own as usual..She then asked me to play together in her playhouse.

Maryam: Ummi..jom..joom la ummi (while she's holding my hand..)
Ummi: Takpela..Maryam main je la..ummi tak muat la nak masuk rumah Maryam..
Maryam: Bole...bole la ummi. Ummi kecik je..(huhu)

While we both inside her playhouse, she's giggling happily..She then screaming loudly calling Ayah..

Maryam: Ayah...ayah...where are you? Come back Ayah..

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramadhan Kareem

Ramadhan datang lagi. Alhamdulillah, dikurniakan rezeki untuk menikmati bulan yang penuh keberkatan dan rahmat dariNya.

Mari kita sama-sama memanfaatkan bulan ini sebaiknya insyaAllah.

Moga amalan kita diterima olehNya, doa yang dipinta dikabulkan, dosa-dosa kita dihapuskan insyaAllah.