Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wellness Issues...

It's in the news, lately.. I noticed that, people started to have the consciousness on their health issues. Is it because of we really care and worry on our own health or is it because of the news; ie. increasing number of many health problems? No matter for what reason..that's a very good sign.

Statistics shows that the percentage of people having such health diseases such as heart attack, high blood pressure and obesity is increasing! Not only in Malaysia but in the world. I don't really mind if we are eyeing to become the top for other things such as having the highest building etc but, hopefully we as Malaysians are not looking forward to become the top in the world for having the largest number of people having such diseases! Please...this is really not a GOOD achievement, really!

It's quite worrying and depressing actually that now the diseases such as high blood, heart attack etc which normally 'attack' the golden age, are no longer focusing on the same group of people. As in the news, teenagers and children are having the Type-2 Diebetes, obesity and young men at the age as early as 30 has heart attack! Oh no..our children who are the future leaders are no longer this can happen? Do we realize that this could happen to our own family..because of our own mistakes?

Let's make a move now! Start a healthy life and take care of our own health and people around you. You'll be very grateful if you take really serious on this wellness issues now before it's too late.

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