Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Visiting Melaka Maju 2010

Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah as we've been given another opportunity to spent our family time together..this time----- in Melaka! Yeay!

It was a last minute booking actually. Most of the affordable and great hotels were fully booked due to the school holidays, while other available hotels were way out of the budget and not reasonable. Alhamdulillah, managed to get one - Puteri Resort. Quite satisfied with the hotel, just about 2km from Air Keroh exit plus everything is within short distance- zoo, crocodile farm, botanical garden etc.

Arrived there about 3pm but our room is still not ready yet. Waited for 15mins, then we had some rest before heading off for Melaka River Cruise after Maghrib. We parked our car at Jalan Merdeka jetty, and the queue is very long! The ticket costs RM10 both of us and RM5 for Maryam. Cruising Melaka River wasn't that interesting though..but managed to get to know the history of some places along the river such as Dataran Pahlawan, Museums Spot etc although the sound from the recording tape wasn't that clear and loud enough for us sitting to the front of the boat. The scenery also was not that nice although we've been cruising at night. Maryam seemed to get bored and yawning once in a while maybe because she's still tired with the 2hours journey I guess..huhu..

Day 2 - After breakfast, we headed to the Melaka town. Start off with Menara Taming Sari and ended our mid day at A Famosa. Were quite lucky as the weather was very wonderful, the sun started to rise up high as we headed back to our hotel, Alhamdulillah. Had our lunch at the Halal Section in Newtown. Average.

Get ready to be 'on air'...

View from above...
After Asr', we went to the Crocodile Farm, which was located about 5 mins from Puteri Resort. Also dissapointed with the facilities and we realised that they only have just one type of crocodile and it wasn't properly maintained and taken care of. I think the only interesting part people went here was only to go the water playground.

Get to know the same species of crocodile..
We went to the Night Zoo although it was raining cats and dogs. Thought it was like a safari, but quite dissapointed actually as nothing much we can see at the night zoo. We had to take the train to get around the zoo with just some explanation by the staff, only if you can hear it from behind! She just torched the lights to some of the animals along the way. Since it was raining, none of us dare to stop and the finished the tour in only 15mins! What a waste of RM10!huhuh...

Day 3 - Visited the Mini Malaysia & Mini Asean before we headed back to S.Alam.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What's so special with Ayam Penyet?

I've just had my very first taste of Ayam Penyet last night at Seksyen 9, Shah Alam. It's Ayam Penyet API - with its tagline..simply the best..blazing hot, smashed..

For those first timer, the recipe was actually originated from Surabaya, Indonesia. The special is that the fresh chicken was marinated with various herbs and spices and will then be smashed and fried. The set of Ayam Penyet includes some tempe and fried beancurd, boiled kangkung, cabbage and not forgetting the hot sambal belacan and its crunchy brown fried fritter.  

Ayam Penyet Set..
Overall, nice food although the chilli ie sambal belacan was really really hot! Pity Maryam, accidentally eat the plain rice with some chilli in it, causing tears and watery nose..huhuh...

Looks like you can make it yourself at home, isn't it? Fried chicken, sambal belacan and just few simple boiled vege..hhmm...maybe I'll try myself one fine day...

Dinosour @ Malaysia?

It's Dinos Alive!

We've got the chance to visit the exhibition organised by Pusat Sains Negara (PSN) last Saturday, Alhamdulillah. I'm quite surprised to see there were so many cars being parked alongside the road before we entered the PSN entrance gate. Ingatkan ramai orang KL/Selangor balik kampung! 

The entrance ticket for the Dinos Alive is RM10 (Adult) and RM5 (children). But if you come as a family of 2 adults & 2 children, you just have to pay for RM25! The rest of the exhibition in the PSN was FOC if you choose not to enter the Dinos Alive.

You'll see two large dinosours once you got inside the atrium. The dinosours were actually moving (their heads and tails were moving and not walking), complete with the loud dinosours's sounds as if you were at their world! Some of the children were holding tight with their parents, scared of the sounds. Surprisingly, Maryam was quite amazed and enjoying the view & sounds of both dinosours! hehe..

Two large dinosours in the middle of the atrium

Maryam seronok dapat jumpa dinosours!
 There are many other types of dinosours alive in the Level 2. You'll get to know their family and species as all being displayed next to the dinosours. Overall, the exhibition was great although we're not fancy of those creatures..hehe..hopefully a great experiences for the little girl Maryam.

Besides the Dinos Alive, there are other sciences models being displayed in PSN. Some areas were closed for constructions and for redesign purposes. As some of the sciences model and experiments were meant for the visitors to expose and experiment, most of it were broken and cannot be used/experimented anymore. I believed some of the visitors were over excited and have been use it to hard or maybe most of it were not being well maintained. Quite dissappointed actually for those first timers there.

Trying to solve..
If you're interested to go to the exhibition ie. Dinos Alive, you still have the time until May 2011. This time around, PSN is open daily from 9.00 am to 5.00pm including Public Holidays except for Aidilfitri, Aidiladha & CNY just to cater for the special exhibition.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nak presents!

source: google

Every time she sees the tree above especially at any shopping malls, she would scream and try to run and get the items below the trees...yup, the presents! She will ask either me or her dad to get her the presents....

Ummi...nak presents!
Tak ada apa2 inside the box la Maryam, kotak kosong je..
Nak..nak presents jugak! Satu je..satu je..huhuh

How would you actually explain about the Christmas to your child(ren)..Children just love the colourful decorations, presents etc..

So far, Maryam didn't ask many questions yet when I answered her that we don't celebrate Christmas..we are Muslims, and only celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Aidiladha.

For some of my colleagues in the office, with children about 4-5 yo, they just ask many questions..Care to share some?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pink-eyed Maryam

Pity her. The night where we arrived from T'ganu, she showed symptoms of having the conjunctivities (or sometimes known as pinkeye). Her left eyes and inner eyelid started to become pinkish and a bit swollen. She also showed some itchiness and tearing eyes.

Since our journey took more than 4 hours long, Maryam started to become a bit cranky and wanted to go to bed early. While she's asleep, we noticed that there's disharge coming out from the eyes, and yes, we were quite confirmed that she's definitely need to see her Dr Musa for treatment the next day.

She's given the needed oitment and to be put as frequent as possible, once in every 3-4 hours. Knowing her, I only managed to put the medication on her twice since yesterday! But Alhamdulillah, she's getting better although her right eyes has started to swollen as well this morning. She heals on her own! hehe..

Not sure where did she got infected from. But according to some readings, it can be caused by bacteria or viruses that are contagious. Some might also be spreaded when kids swim in contaminated water or share contaminated towel. huhu...maybe dah start since at Awana but not that visible kot. But I noticed that her eyes showed some tearing, which I thought banyak sgt swimming- kena air kot..takda lah ingatkan dah start sakit mata. Huhu...kesian anak ummi.

Alhamdulillah she's fine towards the evening and now, sleeping soundly as she refused to take her nap for the whole day!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A week in Awana..

Alhamdulillah, Maryam and I had the opportunity to accompany Ayah to our '4th' home. Heheh....Currently Maryam has 3 diff home; which sometimes makes me difficult to figure out and search for anything especially her toys or clothes that is missing or misplaced. But definitely I can be quite sure that it will not be left at any other places; it can be either in her grandparents' or our own house. huhu..

Her daily routine here would be swimming, spend time in the playroom (Smarty club), our cosy room to do our own learning activities.

Enjoy the photos!
Just arrived; posing at our inside-the-room bath tub. Her 2nd alternative place for her swimming time when it's raining outside.

Maryam's new bunch of friends; we spent time together especially in the pool =)
Happy birthday to both Daniel & Qayyum! TQ for the great dinner!

Lucky Maryam b'cos she managed to found a 'real walking' Mickey @ EC Mall, Kuantan 

Busy playing @ the Smarty Club

Our 1st lunch meal @ the Waterfall Cafe. Just had the Kids Meal (but worth it sbb banyak!) since others are expensive as expected! Huhu..

Swimming time!

Will be going back to KL/Shah Alam today. Huhu..Hoping that we will have the chance to go for holiday again next time, insyaAllah.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Minnie dah ada 'friend'

Sebelum ini. Maryam ok je with her new toy. Quite sometime dah pun, I think that was about many months back, when her new friend arrived to our new home. But lately, she often says that her friend, Minnie has no friend.

I think Maryam said it first to her Ayah.

Maryam: Ayah, kesian Minnie la Ayah..dia takda friend
Ayah: Maryam kan Minnie's friend
Maryam: Bukan. Maryam bukan friend Minnie...Maryam kakak..(huhu...)

Maryam with Minnie in her new bike, October 2010
Later after that, she starts saying the same thing to me and also her Opah. And the conversation was about the same and continue..

Opah: Maryam kan boleh jadi Minnie's friend
Maryam: Bukanlah Opah, Maryam bukan friend Minnie
Opah: Kalau macam tu, siapa Minnie's friend?
Maryam: Hmm...Minnie's friend tu macam Mickey ke, Donald, Daisy..Pluto..Goufy...

During our stay with Ayah in Terengganu, Alhamdulillah..Maryam found her Minnie's friend!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Maryam & Cousins..

Alhamdulillah, Maryam sekarang dah bukan berseorangan. Sebabnya Maryam dah ada ramai cousins! Cumanya, setakat ni takda boys! hehe..So, bila Aidilfitri atau kenduri-kendara Maryam dah ada friends (she always claimed that every single children that she met outside are her friends!)

Maryam juga memang dah pandai bergaul, dan boleh berkawan. Bak katanya, Maryam nak pergi school!

Aidilfitri 1431H, with Najlaa on her right and aunty Duwaijah
with Kauthar, at Nisah's wedding
with Rayyan, 4.5months

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Puzzle puzzle everywhere..




Now...spell the word

I did it!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Nap time..

Maryam setahun lebih yang lalu @ Awana

Maryam sekarang agak susah nak tidur siang. Tak tahulah kenapa. Sebenarnya, dah memang noticed that she does not really taking her nap time during the day since she's 18months up to now. It depends actually. But, most of the time memang jarang tidur siang.

Maryam akan main dan ada sahaja aktiviti siangnya sungguhpun matanya memang dah mengantuk sangat. Kalau nak kata, bangun awal pagi..not that early. It's between 7.30-8.30 in the morning. If she sleeps during the day, although for an hour, she will be in bed around 9pm. But, if she's not, she will starts yawning and sleeps as early as after Maghrib until the next morning.

I'm not sure whether this is normal or not. But according to some of the articles, I shouldn't be worried much. As long as she's taking the adequate time of 12 to 14 hours of sleep in each 24hours period, that would be just fine. So, in this case, if Maryam sleeps at 8pm and wakes around 8am in the morning, she may gets her full quota of rest at once and giving no reasons for her to need a nap.

Some useful tips for your child to get her rest during the day (

* If your toddler's at home, put her down for her nap in the same place where she sleeps at night. Because she already associates that spot with sleep, she's more likely to doze.

* If she goes to daycare or preschool and naps there, keep your home routine consistent with theirs. Tuck her in with the same stuffed animal or lovey she usually sleeps with at school.

* Figure out when your child gets sleepy in the afternoon (even if she denies it). Is it right after lunch, or an hour later? Just like adults, children have natural circadian rhythms, or sleep rhythms — watch for signs that your toddler's naturally drowsy. Build a nap routine around this time of day, working backward from when you first see her yawn or rub her eyes.

* If your child gives up her naps altogether before she's 4 years old, at least offer her some quiet time every day. Tell her that children rest after lunch so they'll have enough energy to play later on. Let her take some toys and books to bed with her, then dim the lights or draw the curtains and leave the room. Although she won't feel as well rested as she would had she slept, spending an hour or two not involved in active play will definitely do her some good.

When I try to put Maryam to sleep during the day, she will giving lots of least on her own way..huhu
Scene 1
Ummi: Maryam, jomlah tidur. Dah penat main kan..
Maryam: Ummi, it's day! Bukannya night..(for her, people only sleeps during the night)
Scene 2:
Ummi: Maryam, tidurlah siang ya. Malam nanti, kita nak keluar pergi airport hantar Mah...Maryam nak ikut ummi pergi airport kan? (gaya pujuk sebab malam nak pergi somewhere)
Maryam: Nak, Maryam nak itot. Ok ok, Maryam tidur.
Sambil baring dan pejam mata sekejap..Sekejap je..lepas tu..
Maryam: Kokok kok...(bunyi ayam berkokok)..sambil mengeliat dah bangun tidur...huhuh
I just want her to get her nap during the day. At least, to get some rests after playing the whole day. But, most importantly is that.. I just want to see her awake and spend time with her once I got back from work..huhu..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Maryam & LollyPoP

source: google

During our last cousin's wedding in Nibong Tebal, one of the hantarans was a chocolate cake decorated with colourful lollypops. It was really tempting, at least for my little girl, Maryam. She was eyeing on it ever since we arrived at the masjid for the akad nikah. She was asking me to get one of those for her, which was definitely a no no for her as the ceremony was not even started plus it was the gift from the other side of the family! Kiranya, hantaran pun masih belum bertukar tangan.

She asked me for that lollypop few times but she's got the same answer from me. So, she tried to ask for the same with her aunty Mah. Pity her, she got the same 'no' answer. That definitely not putting her down. Trying her luck with her Opah. Then, aunty Keenah etc. Of course, semua orang suruh Maryam sabar sekejap at least after the ceremony ends. Really determine to get that one lollypop!

Later after that, she stopped asking for it and was playing around the masjid. Maybe she forgot about it. The akad nikah went well and we were all chatting and catching up on each others update. Musim kenduri la biasanya dapat berjumpa. Then suddenly,

Mah: K Mazia, tengok tu! (showing off Maryam's hand; laughing of course!)

She took the lollypop on her own!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Maryam's 3rd Aidilfitri

We spent our first 3 days in Syawal just around Klang Valley since both Maryam's grandparents stays nearby, Alhamdulillah.

On that morning, Maryam woke up quite early, to get prepared for her 2nd time Syawal prayer. Although she's a bit cranky that morning, nangis-nangis nak sambung tidur dan still sleepy. Alhamdulillah, she made it! She's well behaved in the mosque, since she found a new friend! We realised that she's becoming more friendly and really looking forward to go to school and have friends, compared to few months ago. That's a great achievement, Maryam Safiyyah!

Since we were not going anywhere outstation, I didn't take any annual leave after Syawal public holiday. So, I've started working on Monday for two days and then only I continue on my Raya leave. We went up north to Perak and Penang on Malaysia's Day evening to attend our cousin, Syidah's wedding.

Oh yes, on that Thursday also, we spent the whole morning in the KLIA airport to sent off Maryam's uncle to Jordan. He's furthering his studies there for 4 years, insyaAllah. Then, all three of us had our lunch at my husband's friend's house, his seniors back in Cardiff in Mutiara Damansara. We had a great time chatting and catching up each others updates. Maryam's too enjoying herself since she's got to know another 2 new kakaks!

Journey to success, insyaAllah

Maryam & Rayyan

Happily married! Congratulations!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Syawal 1431H

Eid Mubarak to all!
Moga Syawal kali ini membawa seribu kebahagiaan buat kita sekeluarga.
Maaf Zahir & Batin

Monday, August 30, 2010

Ramadhan Buffet

Had our buffet buka puasa at Ani Sup Utara Shah Alam, just for a change. Today marked as our first Ramadhan buffet for this year..We don't really favour to go for a buffet for a few reasons.

One is definitely because the price that we paid is totally way too much than what we can eat, especially during Ramadhan. It is such a waste, as normally after we break fast, we can't just eat. After eating some kuih-muih, had some drinks, and that's it. I'm full already! The other reason is we tend to over eat! Do you know why? Since we already paid for a sum amount that we know it is too much, we tend to eat and eat and eat to make sure it is worth the money that we paid! Hoho..over eating is not good for our health and it is definitely will make you tired and will disturb our concentration during our prayers.

But, Alhamdulillah, our first Ramadhan buffet was ok. Makan sekadar mana yang perlu dan tidak terlalu kenyang, Alhamdulillah. The food was nice, with varieties of food and the cost for each is quite reasonable, I guess. For adult is RM19.90 and children below 12 is RM8.90. We just paid for 2 as Maryam is just 2 yo. Plenty choices of lauk, varieties of kuih-muih, char kuey teow stall, ikan bakar stall, ais kacang stall and not to forget their main meals; soups!

There were so many people in the restaurant when we arrived, which is about 7pm. We didn't make any booking before coming, as it was a last minute decision really. All in all, everything was ok, not too bad. If you are lucky enough, you can still get a seat inside the restaurant although you do not book your seat. If not, you can still enjoy the food outside under their big tent.

Oh yes, another reason on why we don' really prefer for a Ramadhan buffet is that normally we have to 'terkejar-kejar' to eat and go back home for Maghrib prayer. Alhamdulillah, the reastaurant have the surau although they need to make it more comfortable for the guests.

So, for those interested to have a try of their Ramadhan Buffet, you can go to any of their outlets.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Maryam @ 28months

Scene 1
We paid one Pakistani men to cut the long-grown grass outside of the house on one fine Sunday. Obviously, we can hear the noise from our living room..

Maryam: Ummi, bunyi apa tu?
Ummi: Orang tengah potong rumput..
Maryam quickly run to the sliding door to look what's happening outside..
Maryam: Ummi..ummi...orang tu buat sepah-sepah la kat umah Ayah..

Scene 2
We were chatting in the living room while Maryam's watching the cartoon. She's sitting in the middle, the hubby on the other side while I'm on the other. Suddenly,

Maryam: Ummi...bisingla..orang nak tengok tv la..

Scene 3
Maryam was playing on her own as usual..She then asked me to play together in her playhouse.

Maryam: Ummi..jom..joom la ummi (while she's holding my hand..)
Ummi: Takpela..Maryam main je la..ummi tak muat la nak masuk rumah Maryam..
Maryam: Bole...bole la ummi. Ummi kecik je..(huhu)

While we both inside her playhouse, she's giggling happily..She then screaming loudly calling Ayah..

Maryam: Ayah...ayah...where are you? Come back Ayah..

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramadhan Kareem

Ramadhan datang lagi. Alhamdulillah, dikurniakan rezeki untuk menikmati bulan yang penuh keberkatan dan rahmat dariNya.

Mari kita sama-sama memanfaatkan bulan ini sebaiknya insyaAllah.

Moga amalan kita diterima olehNya, doa yang dipinta dikabulkan, dosa-dosa kita dihapuskan insyaAllah.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wellness Issues...

It's in the news, lately.. I noticed that, people started to have the consciousness on their health issues. Is it because of we really care and worry on our own health or is it because of the news; ie. increasing number of many health problems? No matter for what reason..that's a very good sign.

Statistics shows that the percentage of people having such health diseases such as heart attack, high blood pressure and obesity is increasing! Not only in Malaysia but in the world. I don't really mind if we are eyeing to become the top for other things such as having the highest building etc but, hopefully we as Malaysians are not looking forward to become the top in the world for having the largest number of people having such diseases! Please...this is really not a GOOD achievement, really!

It's quite worrying and depressing actually that now the diseases such as high blood, heart attack etc which normally 'attack' the golden age, are no longer focusing on the same group of people. As in the news, teenagers and children are having the Type-2 Diebetes, obesity and young men at the age as early as 30 has heart attack! Oh no..our children who are the future leaders are no longer this can happen? Do we realize that this could happen to our own family..because of our own mistakes?

Let's make a move now! Start a healthy life and take care of our own health and people around you. You'll be very grateful if you take really serious on this wellness issues now before it's too late.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's been half a year...

This blog has been abandoned for long time. More than half a year, I guess. There are so many things to share and write in here, but the time and guts that I have always become the reason on the silence.

To start of, definitely stories will be on the only child at the moment. Yup, the only one; at least for the time being.

Maryam is now a toddler. As you can see at the ticker at the bottom, she's now 2+ years old. She's learning so much things nowadays and she's learning soooo fast. Alhamdulillah. She can speaks like an adult, know how to make a good statement, singing, learning alphabets, numbers and also Alif Ba Ta etc. Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, praises to Allah for His Blessings. Hoping I do have the time again to blog on her achievements as we are getting lost track now as she's moving tooo fast!

Remember that I did mentioned we are moving to a new palace on my last entry?'s been ages ago. Huhu..Alhamdulillah, we have moved to our own house; somewhere in Shah Alam. Quite happy on the environment, neighbours, the location itself. However, Maryam is still being taken care of by my mother. So, basically as early as half past six, we starts our daily routine and be back around 7 or just before Maghrib for dinner and family time together.

Me, still working with the same company. Hoping to get out from there soon. InsyaAllah, if that's the best for me and my family. The working environment and the people there is not as before. Everything seems to be very obviously shown. People are becoming hipocrit; saying good things in front and yet say very bad things behind the back. Ah, typical humans. Make du'a that I won't be one of them. The reasons that always brought me back when trying to look for other jobs is that; now I'm not being stress on work related. I can meet all deadlines, being the first person to go back on time etc. I can still see the sun when driving back home, play with my beloved Maryam. I'm happy with the way I am now. Alhamdulillah. Except that I don't see I'm becoming a better person day by day. I feel that my mind are not widely broaden, knowledge is at the same level since the very first day of working and the working environment is not condusive enough to make me a better Muslim! That worries me very much, oh Allah!

I'm still hoping that I can be WAHM. InsyaAllah. Still working on it insyaAllah. Always make du'a as He always listen to us.

Till then, insyaAllah will try to find time to blog again.