Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Smartkids Playzone @ Awana

During our stay here, so far we did not miss any single day to visit this place. We can spend at least an hour per session in order to occupy our day time in Awana. Maryam has been adapted to this playzone environment as she's now freely go anywhere she wants in that specific area if compared to her first day there..Tak mahu lepas langsung from my arms.

FYI, there are 3 different rooms; (i) Full with small colourful balls (ii) TV room/ another playroom with legos & teddy bears (iii) Authorised personnel only room. And oh yes, the common area also; 2 sets of small tables and chairs and a small playhouse. Maryam will run and enjoying her moment in the area; first you can see her playing with the balls, then within minutes, she's in the common area playing with the tables and chairs. So cute...

Now, let the photos do the talking. Enjoy!

Maryam main masak-masak dlm playhouse

Sangat teliti dan begitu asyik bermain

Tengah sibuk mengemas dan memasak...=)

Sitting on the chair with Dinosour

Teruja dengan bola yang sangat banyak!

The red one or the blue ball?

Don't know which one to choose! =)

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  1. she's at a time when she can play by nnt dah besar2 sket,maryam nk adek utk main sama2..kn3?:P