Monday, April 27, 2009

13months old

Today is Monday, another week of working as usual. And as usual, another week for us both without ayah around. He only back for a day and a night last week and then off he go again for work. We really miss ayah so much. Yes, we really do.

Maryam was having a slight fever for two days last week and we discovered that there were white patches inside her mouth. I was about to google on what's that really is. Coincidently, a friend of mine was just blogging about it as her daughter, whom also shares the same name as my daughther also having the same symptom. After googling and searching more on the net, yes, it is confirmed that Maryam was also having the Oral Thrush.

So, off we go to Dr Musa's clinic @ DSH. As usual, his clinic is always full with parents and children waiting outside on the sofas. He is one of the famous and calibre paeds here. We arrived as early as 8.15 just to be among the first to get to see him although the clinic only opens at half past eight. If not, you might be the 15th or even 20th person if you arrive there at 9am! Lucky us, we were no 5. Since we arrived early, we went to the cafeteria to have our breakfast just to kill the time.

Dr Musa prescribed her an oral gel. Alhamdulillah, within a day her mouth is now free from the fungus. Pity her. As per doctor, it might be caused by the germs/bacteria which couldn't be seen happily living around her toys. And she likes to put most of her toys inside the mouth. So, there goes why! huhu..We should be more careful now.

Wanna know more about the Oral Thrush. More info can be read from here.

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  1. oral candidiasis..tiba2 keenah pun rasa i have the same symptom..better get myself checked!hehe..smg dgn kerinduan itu,bertambah kasih sayang dalam keluarga;) ameen ya rabb..