Monday, April 27, 2009

13months old

Today is Monday, another week of working as usual. And as usual, another week for us both without ayah around. He only back for a day and a night last week and then off he go again for work. We really miss ayah so much. Yes, we really do.

Maryam was having a slight fever for two days last week and we discovered that there were white patches inside her mouth. I was about to google on what's that really is. Coincidently, a friend of mine was just blogging about it as her daughter, whom also shares the same name as my daughther also having the same symptom. After googling and searching more on the net, yes, it is confirmed that Maryam was also having the Oral Thrush.

So, off we go to Dr Musa's clinic @ DSH. As usual, his clinic is always full with parents and children waiting outside on the sofas. He is one of the famous and calibre paeds here. We arrived as early as 8.15 just to be among the first to get to see him although the clinic only opens at half past eight. If not, you might be the 15th or even 20th person if you arrive there at 9am! Lucky us, we were no 5. Since we arrived early, we went to the cafeteria to have our breakfast just to kill the time.

Dr Musa prescribed her an oral gel. Alhamdulillah, within a day her mouth is now free from the fungus. Pity her. As per doctor, it might be caused by the germs/bacteria which couldn't be seen happily living around her toys. And she likes to put most of her toys inside the mouth. So, there goes why! huhu..We should be more careful now.

Wanna know more about the Oral Thrush. More info can be read from here.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

* Happy! * =)

At this time..I think I'm satisfied enough with the new banner, photos of my beloved Maryam and us! =)

New look... insyaAllah

Kindly be informed that I'm now in the midst of trying to change the look of my site. Thus, sorry for any inconveniences.. I'm trying an error here, hopefully everything goes well....Oh yes, anyone who are kind enough to assist me are most welcome!

InsyaAllah, will be back with a great new look.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tudung Kaktus: New Design =)

Assalamua'alaikum to all,

I would like to announce that the new design of Tudung Kaktus is now available for sale. One of the hottest design in market especially for those who are wearing big sizes tudung such as 50-60 inches. I understand that this size of tudung are quite difficult to get in the market; i.e. those tudung with design and most importantly not transparent.

For those who are interested, kindly email the product code and your particular details to me. I'll then will revert to you the payment details i.e. payment through m2u. Stocks are quite limited this time around and kindly place your order as soon as possible as this pre-bookings order are only up till 10th April 2009.

Here goes some of the available designs and colours.

Design: Kaktus no 1

Design: Kaktus no 2

Design: Kaktus no 4

And oh yes, the price is quite cheap = RM29 only!! But wait...if you purchase more than 2 pieces, you are eligible for some discounts. So, wait no more. Experience it yourself! =)
More designs will be updated soon! So, watch out this space from time to time to avoid disappointment ;)


Maryam and I have been to the swimming pool for the first two consecutive days at Awana. As per my earlier post, Maryam was very scared with the water and she cried whenever her body was in the pool. Pity her. Maybe it's quite early for her to enjoy swimming in the pool. Will try again next time insyaAllah.

Maryam sitting outside the pool, watching other kids playing

Maryam baru lepas menangis, beriya2 punya..sampai selesema jadinya

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Smartkids Playzone @ Awana

During our stay here, so far we did not miss any single day to visit this place. We can spend at least an hour per session in order to occupy our day time in Awana. Maryam has been adapted to this playzone environment as she's now freely go anywhere she wants in that specific area if compared to her first day there..Tak mahu lepas langsung from my arms.

FYI, there are 3 different rooms; (i) Full with small colourful balls (ii) TV room/ another playroom with legos & teddy bears (iii) Authorised personnel only room. And oh yes, the common area also; 2 sets of small tables and chairs and a small playhouse. Maryam will run and enjoying her moment in the area; first you can see her playing with the balls, then within minutes, she's in the common area playing with the tables and chairs. So cute...

Now, let the photos do the talking. Enjoy!

Maryam main masak-masak dlm playhouse

Sangat teliti dan begitu asyik bermain

Tengah sibuk mengemas dan memasak...=)

Sitting on the chair with Dinosour

Teruja dengan bola yang sangat banyak!

The red one or the blue ball?

Don't know which one to choose! =)