Thursday, March 5, 2009

After a while..

It's been more than 2 weeks this blog has been left not updated. Not in the mood plus don't have much idea on what should I blog on. Hmm.. the idea is there but don't have the guts to blog actually. Sedar tak sedar, my dearie blog has reached 1 month old! Yup, 1 mo with more than 10 entries. not that bad yeah..for people like me; newbie on blogging. =)

Updates on my little girl..Maryam is now actively mastering her walking skills. Alhamdulillah. She walks really fast. Especially when you are trying to stop her from going to the stairs, she will walks even faster like she's running way from you! Itulah yang paling merisaukan..Takut terbabas masa berjalan tu kalau di'uzubillah.

She's also learning to speak can can utter few words. But her favourite word is "nak nak". She will just point out to anything and says 'nak nak'. She sometimes really mean that she wants something but most of the time, she's just love saying that words. hhehe..confusing isn't it?

That's basically update on my beloved Maryam.

For myself, I'm still busy as usual since my assistant left for maternity leave. Yup, working on my own for the past month. But I think working alone is great actually. I know when is the deadlines and I can prioritize on my work. So, Alhamdulillah so far everything went on smoothly. If not, you need to keep on reminding people on what should be done or things need to be checked when deadlines is nearer. Or sometimes you nearly missed the deadlines as the documents are still pending which are supposed to be done earlier and so forth.

What's even worst is your life (i.e. KPI) depends on other people as well! My superior told me once during assessments, ... " yup, you depends on the people reporting to you, my KPI also depends on my staff including yourself and Mr A's will be assessed based on people of the whole branch! is indeed true! That's what you called an organisation and a team. In order to success, you cannot be organised or maintaining your personal performance only but you should manage and educate other people. We are working as a team, aren't we?

Oh ye, tudung 60 inches is still up for sale. But of course now with less stocks available. You can check here for details. More stocks will be updated once arrived. But mostly it was sold offline. I understand that not many people likes online shopping since you cannot really feel, touch or even try on the products you are buying. I've experienced that. I once showed one of my collegues the products on picasa website. She just browse through and didn't show any interest at all. huhu..But, once I brought it to her, she's the one who bought most of it and even ordered other designs and colours! hehe...InsyaAllah, I guarantee you that the material is in good quality. =)

Ok, till then.

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