Thursday, February 12, 2009

What you should know about TLC?

I'm on leave today. On MC to be exact. My daughter of mine, the only one for the time being is behaving and acting quite differently for the past few days. Difficult to get asleep although time has been ticking out sometimes until 11pm, have no appetite in eating meals etc. Maybe she's just adapting to her new phase of life- excited to learn new things every single minutes; mastering skills to stand alone, taking few steps, or maybe trying to speak! She likes to babbling around, where only God knows what she's been talking about. So, as a result, less sleep of mine and hubby every night, easily getting tired etc. And here I am now, taking MC to get some rest at home, which I doubt I can rest peacefully with my precious one around. hehe..

Ok, back to my initial point of writing. As most of us know, (I assume), TLC is one of the online shops which offers varies products for pregnant mommies, mommies and babies. After several times browsing on their products, I noticed that some of it you can't even get it at your nearest store. Or shall I say- difficult to find actually based on my own experiences. You can try check and browse it yourself here.

Actually, I don't want to talk about their products - you can experience it yourself. Action speaks larger than words, isn't it? What I want to share the interesting part of TLC through their latest contest is that the idea of showing out your talent and creativity that lies inside youself! With a great rewards of few days vacation at your dream island, TLC proves that besides we bloggers help them promoting their products, we are actually brushing out our creativity in order to win the judges' heart. hehe..

After browsing through most of the links i.e. blogger's site that participated in TLC's contest, I have a strong feeling that most of us, yup including myself-trying to think something rather interesting and beneficial to present TLC to the community in the most creative way. Is either products review, own experiences, creative poem with a bit sense of comedy or even imagination from the view of a baby!

Why not try it yourself? Who knows that you might be the lucky chosen one? Click here for more details.


  1. hai mazia!!!..dh besar dh baby maryam!! fast kan..

  2. yup...mmg cepat rasanya. by end of next mth iAllah Maryam turns 1 =)