Monday, February 9, 2009

Well done!

Today, 9th February - will be another date for us to remember. Not because today is a public holiday for Selangor & Wilayah people, but a date which marks Maryam's another milestone. She can walk! Congratulations dear! Although just few steps and then continue crawling, ummi know that you've done a very good job sayang!

At the age of 10 months and 12 days, she manage to walk without support from anyone of us. I'm very happy and proud of you. InsyaAllah, in few days time, with her strong determination and dedication through her training daily (hehe), she can become an expert in walking like the adults. InsyaAllah =)

She's also shows less interest in rice porridge. Orang dah besar la katakan! She doesn't want to eat porridge anymore, prefer rice instead. Maryam maryam, anak ummi. Heheh..I know that she's actually has started eating most of the foods that we eat such as fried mee, nasi lemak etc - but porridge is her main dishes. Let's see whether she's still favour her porridge or not tomorrow morning.

By late afternoon just now, Maryam shows some discomfort on herself- I can see that her face getting reddish. She's having a slight fever again. The last time was about 2 weeks ago. Hopefully just a normal fever. She's sleeping now- hopefully getting better by tomorrow morning. Orang tua-tua selalu cakap, baby ni selalu demam kalau nak belajar something. hehe..Maryam ni tengah nak belajar berjalan la tu sampai demam dia. Huhu...sian anak ummi.

Get well soon sayang!

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