Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day dreaming? Am I?

Lately I've been thinking of doing something else in order to upgrade myself. I don't feel like doing what I'm doing right now. I mean the way my life has been going on up till today. I always feel like my life has been miserable, i.e. lacking of something valuable and interesting - not only for my own good but to my family as well.

Working from morning till evening, then going back home..using the same highway or roads, cars everywhere etc. Such a boring life! I need something that is more than that. Deep down inside me, this is not what I'm looking for. I always dream of staying at home, looking after my own children, arranging home the way I like etc. InsyaAllah, sooner or later- hopefully my dream will come true. Alhamdulillah, hubby shared the same thought of me as a fulltime housemaker. =)

Although I want to be at home, that does not mean just involves doing all the normal routines such as washing clothes, cooking etc. I want to be more than that insyaAllah. Maybe earning or working from home- where at the same time, not left alone my children.

One of the fields that I've been thinking of is through online shop. Looks like easy but I doubt so. It surely involved the same procedure like owning a physical shop whereby marketing, administration, finance are definitely important criteria to look after. Do you know why I say that? There's hundreds or maybe thousands of online shops that sells the same products. I'm quite amazed with the number of online shops that I found in the internet especially in Malaysia. They sometimes sell the same products or maybe more or less the same thing. And I'm sure they are quite well maintain among their circle of customers or other people. They have their own targets when selling. In a way, this is a good environment actually. A healthy competition. The only difference that I can think of is the time that you have. Working at your own pace and leisure. You can still concentrate on house chores while working, reading to your daughter while taking orders etc. But, on second thought, it actually involve you to work around the clock. No punch in & clock-out time. I think I need to be a graduate in time management course to excel in doing few tasks in a time. huhu...

Hmm..what kind of product(s) should I sell online? Any ideas? Since pregnant and after delivered my first child (now 10 mo), I have a great interests in parenting, babies and homeschooling. All these can be the main idea with respect to my dream online shop. Haa..why not starting a new online shop, which sells babies' and mummies' stuff like hehe...nah..not that big and established onlineshops like that. I need to get more experiences and learn and learn further to have such a lovely and quality products like what has now offers. Or maybe TLC wants to hire me as one of the TLCs dealers. hehe..

Or maybe selling muslimah wears on the net? Hmm..good idea I guess. Where at the same time, promoting the way a Muslim woman should wear- decent, smart and yet fashionable. And the most important thing is wearing and feeling proud as a good Muslimah insyaAllah.

I need to spend time and think deeply on this matter. Hope my dream may come true. Do pray for my success!

C ya!

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