Friday, February 13, 2009

BabyIbu Giveaway: Win Gin & Jacqie Baby Bag =)

Blog hopping sometimes can be fun especially when you know what you are searching or looking for. Quite interesting actually when sometimes you can even meet your long long lost friend(s) by this activity. As I hop from one blog to another, I came across quite a nice and interesting blog site I could say - You can find informations mostly about babies and parenting from the day you were blessed with the good news of pregnancy until your little baby grows as a toddler. All in one, just by a click. I would definitely recommend it to my friends.

Browsing through, I noticed that babyibu.blogspot is currently organising an open contest to everyone whose interested. It's "Win Gin & Jacqie Baby Bag!" You know what- by just blogging about this contest, which is still running on until 1st March and follow other simple steps/regulations, you can win one of the three baby bags sponsored by Gin & Jacqie! Yup, you read it right...the prize is the baby bag!!!!

"What? You mean that 'baby bag'?...Are you crazy? Why wasting your time blogging for a baby bag- I don't get it? Duh..."

" No no no...not that usual baby bag. I mean this baby bag! Oh, I shouldn't waste my time anymore...Idea..idea..please come out- a creative one please..just for that baby bag"

"You must be crazy!"

"Yup...I am crazy! Crazy for these bags...

" What??!! "

"Are these baby bags?? Don't make a fool of me. It definitely doesn't look like one! "

"Don't be is!!"

Hmm...which one should I choose? All designs are great! But I think the Stylish Elaine Baby Bag suits me more.

You want to know why?

(i) Firstly, the colour. Brown black is definitely a stylish and elegant colour. It can easily match with any type of clothes and colours. Plus, a bright colour is not my preference.

(ii) The look. First and foremost, credits goes to the designer-Gin & Jacqie. It is wonderful and lovely gift to have such a great and creative idea to come out with the design. Sophisticated look, I could say. Mommies wearing this bag will definitely look gorgeus and people don't even noticed that you actually carry such things like .....diapers? hehe..

(iii) It's design. With three compartments, additional interior pockets to fit small items such as mobile phones, keys etc, plus one interior zipped can actually fit most of your baby's stuff - from diapers to soiled clothes to her favourite toys! What should I say more- it's more than enough for me & Maryam! With this, I don't need to bring extra bags for Maryam's stuff. All in one. Good for me and perfect for hubby as well. He doesn't have to hold so many things for me in case Maryam sleeps on me. =)

(iv) Most importantly, it provides Maryam a longer time to stay still at one place. She definitely has more things to ponder and dig out of the bag! That's my strategy in order to make her 'leka' for a while- normally when I want to perform my prayer. And fyi, it actually works as there are lots of cards to be taken out, receipts etc out of my purse! hehe..

I don't even know that there are such a stylish baby bag like this. More designs for Baby&Me type of bag can be found here. Hope I can wear one of those soon!


  1. salam.akk,keenah here.missing that lil baby,n missing u too!cn u believe,i actually thought my infectious disease lecturer is ur identical twin?hehehe..may Allah showers HIS blessings on u n ur family..salam syg..

  2. Salaam Keenah..nmpk sgt keenah nih rindu bangat sama akak..hehe..sampai tengok muka lecturer pon nmpk akak..=)
    yup..we all here missing u too!
    take care
    moga terus berlalu di bwh lindunganNya selalu