Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tudung 60 inci are up for sale!!

Salam & Good day to all,

Firstly, I would like to announce that I'm currently starting a new journey part time. hehe..remember my last post regarding my day dreaming thingy? Yup, I'm trying and hoping that my first step will make a journey to success insyaAllah.

For the time being, I'm really into muslimah wear. So, here goes some of my stuff for sale! All items are brand new and not re-usable or secondhand item. For the moment, all designs are left with 1 item each for sale. Meaning, it is based on first-come-first-serve basis.

If you are interested, kindly email your name, contact details together with the code of the item in order to confirm on the item to me. After getting a confirmation from myself via email, then only you pay the amount plus the postage charges to savings account as per listed by me during confirmation. And please bear in mind that, all prices listed are excluding the postage costs. The interesting part is that the more you buy, the more you'll be saving as I'm giving discounts to buyer who buy more than 1 piece.

So, wait no more as all items are limited in stock. Click here for more designs and colours.


Friday, February 13, 2009

BabyIbu Giveaway: Win Gin & Jacqie Baby Bag =)

Blog hopping sometimes can be fun especially when you know what you are searching or looking for. Quite interesting actually when sometimes you can even meet your long long lost friend(s) by this activity. As I hop from one blog to another, I came across quite a nice and interesting blog site I could say - You can find informations mostly about babies and parenting from the day you were blessed with the good news of pregnancy until your little baby grows as a toddler. All in one, just by a click. I would definitely recommend it to my friends.

Browsing through, I noticed that babyibu.blogspot is currently organising an open contest to everyone whose interested. It's "Win Gin & Jacqie Baby Bag!" You know what- by just blogging about this contest, which is still running on until 1st March and follow other simple steps/regulations, you can win one of the three baby bags sponsored by Gin & Jacqie! Yup, you read it right...the prize is the baby bag!!!!

"What? You mean that 'baby bag'?...Are you crazy? Why wasting your time blogging for a baby bag- I don't get it? Duh..."

" No no no...not that usual baby bag. I mean this baby bag! Oh, I shouldn't waste my time anymore...Idea..idea..please come out- a creative one please..just for that baby bag"

"You must be crazy!"

"Yup...I am crazy! Crazy for these bags...

" What??!! "

"Are these baby bags?? Don't make a fool of me. It definitely doesn't look like one! "

"Don't be is!!"

Hmm...which one should I choose? All designs are great! But I think the Stylish Elaine Baby Bag suits me more.

You want to know why?

(i) Firstly, the colour. Brown black is definitely a stylish and elegant colour. It can easily match with any type of clothes and colours. Plus, a bright colour is not my preference.

(ii) The look. First and foremost, credits goes to the designer-Gin & Jacqie. It is wonderful and lovely gift to have such a great and creative idea to come out with the design. Sophisticated look, I could say. Mommies wearing this bag will definitely look gorgeus and people don't even noticed that you actually carry such things like .....diapers? hehe..

(iii) It's design. With three compartments, additional interior pockets to fit small items such as mobile phones, keys etc, plus one interior zipped can actually fit most of your baby's stuff - from diapers to soiled clothes to her favourite toys! What should I say more- it's more than enough for me & Maryam! With this, I don't need to bring extra bags for Maryam's stuff. All in one. Good for me and perfect for hubby as well. He doesn't have to hold so many things for me in case Maryam sleeps on me. =)

(iv) Most importantly, it provides Maryam a longer time to stay still at one place. She definitely has more things to ponder and dig out of the bag! That's my strategy in order to make her 'leka' for a while- normally when I want to perform my prayer. And fyi, it actually works as there are lots of cards to be taken out, receipts etc out of my purse! hehe..

I don't even know that there are such a stylish baby bag like this. More designs for Baby&Me type of bag can be found here. Hope I can wear one of those soon!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What you should know about TLC?

I'm on leave today. On MC to be exact. My daughter of mine, the only one for the time being is behaving and acting quite differently for the past few days. Difficult to get asleep although time has been ticking out sometimes until 11pm, have no appetite in eating meals etc. Maybe she's just adapting to her new phase of life- excited to learn new things every single minutes; mastering skills to stand alone, taking few steps, or maybe trying to speak! She likes to babbling around, where only God knows what she's been talking about. So, as a result, less sleep of mine and hubby every night, easily getting tired etc. And here I am now, taking MC to get some rest at home, which I doubt I can rest peacefully with my precious one around. hehe..

Ok, back to my initial point of writing. As most of us know, (I assume), TLC is one of the online shops which offers varies products for pregnant mommies, mommies and babies. After several times browsing on their products, I noticed that some of it you can't even get it at your nearest store. Or shall I say- difficult to find actually based on my own experiences. You can try check and browse it yourself here.

Actually, I don't want to talk about their products - you can experience it yourself. Action speaks larger than words, isn't it? What I want to share the interesting part of TLC through their latest contest is that the idea of showing out your talent and creativity that lies inside youself! With a great rewards of few days vacation at your dream island, TLC proves that besides we bloggers help them promoting their products, we are actually brushing out our creativity in order to win the judges' heart. hehe..

After browsing through most of the links i.e. blogger's site that participated in TLC's contest, I have a strong feeling that most of us, yup including myself-trying to think something rather interesting and beneficial to present TLC to the community in the most creative way. Is either products review, own experiences, creative poem with a bit sense of comedy or even imagination from the view of a baby!

Why not try it yourself? Who knows that you might be the lucky chosen one? Click here for more details.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Well done!

Today, 9th February - will be another date for us to remember. Not because today is a public holiday for Selangor & Wilayah people, but a date which marks Maryam's another milestone. She can walk! Congratulations dear! Although just few steps and then continue crawling, ummi know that you've done a very good job sayang!

At the age of 10 months and 12 days, she manage to walk without support from anyone of us. I'm very happy and proud of you. InsyaAllah, in few days time, with her strong determination and dedication through her training daily (hehe), she can become an expert in walking like the adults. InsyaAllah =)

She's also shows less interest in rice porridge. Orang dah besar la katakan! She doesn't want to eat porridge anymore, prefer rice instead. Maryam maryam, anak ummi. Heheh..I know that she's actually has started eating most of the foods that we eat such as fried mee, nasi lemak etc - but porridge is her main dishes. Let's see whether she's still favour her porridge or not tomorrow morning.

By late afternoon just now, Maryam shows some discomfort on herself- I can see that her face getting reddish. She's having a slight fever again. The last time was about 2 weeks ago. Hopefully just a normal fever. She's sleeping now- hopefully getting better by tomorrow morning. Orang tua-tua selalu cakap, baby ni selalu demam kalau nak belajar something. hehe..Maryam ni tengah nak belajar berjalan la tu sampai demam dia. Huhu...sian anak ummi.

Get well soon sayang!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day dreaming? Am I?

Lately I've been thinking of doing something else in order to upgrade myself. I don't feel like doing what I'm doing right now. I mean the way my life has been going on up till today. I always feel like my life has been miserable, i.e. lacking of something valuable and interesting - not only for my own good but to my family as well.

Working from morning till evening, then going back home..using the same highway or roads, cars everywhere etc. Such a boring life! I need something that is more than that. Deep down inside me, this is not what I'm looking for. I always dream of staying at home, looking after my own children, arranging home the way I like etc. InsyaAllah, sooner or later- hopefully my dream will come true. Alhamdulillah, hubby shared the same thought of me as a fulltime housemaker. =)

Although I want to be at home, that does not mean just involves doing all the normal routines such as washing clothes, cooking etc. I want to be more than that insyaAllah. Maybe earning or working from home- where at the same time, not left alone my children.

One of the fields that I've been thinking of is through online shop. Looks like easy but I doubt so. It surely involved the same procedure like owning a physical shop whereby marketing, administration, finance are definitely important criteria to look after. Do you know why I say that? There's hundreds or maybe thousands of online shops that sells the same products. I'm quite amazed with the number of online shops that I found in the internet especially in Malaysia. They sometimes sell the same products or maybe more or less the same thing. And I'm sure they are quite well maintain among their circle of customers or other people. They have their own targets when selling. In a way, this is a good environment actually. A healthy competition. The only difference that I can think of is the time that you have. Working at your own pace and leisure. You can still concentrate on house chores while working, reading to your daughter while taking orders etc. But, on second thought, it actually involve you to work around the clock. No punch in & clock-out time. I think I need to be a graduate in time management course to excel in doing few tasks in a time. huhu...

Hmm..what kind of product(s) should I sell online? Any ideas? Since pregnant and after delivered my first child (now 10 mo), I have a great interests in parenting, babies and homeschooling. All these can be the main idea with respect to my dream online shop. Haa..why not starting a new online shop, which sells babies' and mummies' stuff like hehe...nah..not that big and established onlineshops like that. I need to get more experiences and learn and learn further to have such a lovely and quality products like what has now offers. Or maybe TLC wants to hire me as one of the TLCs dealers. hehe..

Or maybe selling muslimah wears on the net? Hmm..good idea I guess. Where at the same time, promoting the way a Muslim woman should wear- decent, smart and yet fashionable. And the most important thing is wearing and feeling proud as a good Muslimah insyaAllah.

I need to spend time and think deeply on this matter. Hope my dream may come true. Do pray for my success!

C ya!