Wednesday, January 28, 2009

She's 10months old today!

How time really flies! Today, she's 10mo. A month wiser insyaAllah. I can still remember the time when she's still in the womb. Every month, I can't wait to go for check-up to have a look at her movement via ultrasound. hehe.
She's big girl now. She learns new things daily- and her fav is to play at the stairs. She can even go up and down few times without failed and without adults supervision! Sungguh bahaya! It is not that we just let her be, but her movement is really fast and within few seconds, she can be at somewhere else. Exploring the whole house is her main activity! Boleh jadi leka main especially kalau dapat bongkar my handbag!

Maryam now is in the midst of learning to stand without support and sometimes can walk few steps on her own. InsyaAllah, she can walk soon! Can't wait for that moment. Oh yes, her upper tooth is now can be seen clearly. hehe..And that makes it 3 in total within a month! Now, she can have variety of meals- not just rice porridge =)

But, on this special day, she's not feeling well. Her fever was quite high this morning. So, off we go to Dr Musa clinic @ DSH. And, that means another day off for me today after 4 days CNY holiday! Although she's sick, but she doesn't look like one. She's still active as usual and doesn't really sleep and rest for the whole day except for about an hour this morning. I guess that must be because of the medicine that the doctor gave to her during our visit.
Now, she's sleeping soundly in her cot. InsyaAllah, she will be getting better by tomorrow morning.

Get well soon sayang!

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