Tuesday, January 27, 2009

BF and TLC =)

Nowadays, most mommies has set a target to fully breastfeed their child once they delivered. Almost all hospitals either the government or the privates also promoting the benefits of breastfeeding especially to baby up to the first 6 months. Many campaigns, posters and parenting classes were up and being organised to educate parent-to-be. So far as I know, there is also Breastfeeding Week, which was held last August 2008, and will be held yearly. Amazingly, it is not only celebrated in Malaysia but the whole world.

Me too, does not want to miss out the opportunity. Maryam, Alhamdulillah is on BF until today. Yup, sometimes I do feel tired especially to try and squeeze some time during working hours to express. But, the negative feeling turned out to be a strong determination whenever I look at her photo and watch her video on my hp when expressing. Thanks also to my precious tool i.e. my pumping machine- Spectra3! Within 10-15mins you can get a full 5 oz EBM! It is highly recommended! Despite it's lightweight and portable, the suction level can also be adjusted according to your convenience level. It is also very user friendly and comfortable. The price is not that expensive compared to other brands. I bought it at RM368 last March 2008, which only comes with 1 spectra bottle. But at thelilcaliph online store, you can get 6 MOM's Precious bottle FOC which cost RM35.90! Even more, by just one click, it can be delivered to your doorstep for free since it costs you more than RM200!(T&C applies) What a really good bargain!

For mommies out there, you can buy anything for your precious at your finger tips. At thelilcaliphonline store, you can get anything that you want. From the day you were blessed with the good news of the amazing dot in your womb until the day your child is born, everything you needed is here. Have a pleasant time shopping there!

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