Thursday, January 29, 2009

Babies' Safety and TLC (Part ii)

Since Maryam is now a master in crawling and can even walk or cruising from one furniture to another, extra attention is definitely a must. This means chairs, tables etc are no longer beyond her reach. She can even go from here to there in the blink of my eyes. Now, all places around the house might not be safe for her.

Area which should be put extra attention on her safety is the kitchen- the place where hot pans, poisonous liquid are being placed. Definitely all sharps items such as knives, scissors and other dangerous items should be put higher and out of her reach. Oh yes, those breakable items too. There was one time where Maryam almost pull a soy sauce bottle (kicap). But Alhamdulillah, sempat diselamatkan. I've told you that she moves faster than me!

Beside that, my dear baby also able to open cabinets. Really cute when seeing her little finger trying to grasps the knob of the cabinet door few times until she cries for help when she cannot open it. That was before. Now, she's good at it, which means new playing area for her! Hooray! says her but no no no sayang...banyak barang2 kaca dalam tu. Maybe I should buy safety tool for that. Oh yes, why not we have a look at thelilcaliphonline for a while. I'm sure there's something I can think of buying there.

away for a while...


browsing..... about this one?

(1) Adjustable Multi Purpose Strap
- lengths can be adjusted to fit all sizes
- only RM 14.90!

or this one?

(2) Ultra Secure Cabinet & Drawer Latches
- comes with spring loaded with extra durability
- folds down for periods of non-use
- easy for adults to use and install
- only RM12.90!!

There are many other safety tools for our precious here. You can choose whichever you like and according to your needs. And I believe you will be amazed of the price in TLC - very affordable! And yet the quality does matter. But I'm sure...what's most important here is the safety of your baby! Investing in the quality product of TLC is a good one! Try it yourself!

C ya!

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