Thursday, January 29, 2009

Babies' Safety and TLC (Part ii)

Since Maryam is now a master in crawling and can even walk or cruising from one furniture to another, extra attention is definitely a must. This means chairs, tables etc are no longer beyond her reach. She can even go from here to there in the blink of my eyes. Now, all places around the house might not be safe for her.

Area which should be put extra attention on her safety is the kitchen- the place where hot pans, poisonous liquid are being placed. Definitely all sharps items such as knives, scissors and other dangerous items should be put higher and out of her reach. Oh yes, those breakable items too. There was one time where Maryam almost pull a soy sauce bottle (kicap). But Alhamdulillah, sempat diselamatkan. I've told you that she moves faster than me!

Beside that, my dear baby also able to open cabinets. Really cute when seeing her little finger trying to grasps the knob of the cabinet door few times until she cries for help when she cannot open it. That was before. Now, she's good at it, which means new playing area for her! Hooray! says her but no no no sayang...banyak barang2 kaca dalam tu. Maybe I should buy safety tool for that. Oh yes, why not we have a look at thelilcaliphonline for a while. I'm sure there's something I can think of buying there.

away for a while...


browsing..... about this one?

(1) Adjustable Multi Purpose Strap
- lengths can be adjusted to fit all sizes
- only RM 14.90!

or this one?

(2) Ultra Secure Cabinet & Drawer Latches
- comes with spring loaded with extra durability
- folds down for periods of non-use
- easy for adults to use and install
- only RM12.90!!

There are many other safety tools for our precious here. You can choose whichever you like and according to your needs. And I believe you will be amazed of the price in TLC - very affordable! And yet the quality does matter. But I'm sure...what's most important here is the safety of your baby! Investing in the quality product of TLC is a good one! Try it yourself!

C ya!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

She's 10months old today!

How time really flies! Today, she's 10mo. A month wiser insyaAllah. I can still remember the time when she's still in the womb. Every month, I can't wait to go for check-up to have a look at her movement via ultrasound. hehe.
She's big girl now. She learns new things daily- and her fav is to play at the stairs. She can even go up and down few times without failed and without adults supervision! Sungguh bahaya! It is not that we just let her be, but her movement is really fast and within few seconds, she can be at somewhere else. Exploring the whole house is her main activity! Boleh jadi leka main especially kalau dapat bongkar my handbag!

Maryam now is in the midst of learning to stand without support and sometimes can walk few steps on her own. InsyaAllah, she can walk soon! Can't wait for that moment. Oh yes, her upper tooth is now can be seen clearly. hehe..And that makes it 3 in total within a month! Now, she can have variety of meals- not just rice porridge =)

But, on this special day, she's not feeling well. Her fever was quite high this morning. So, off we go to Dr Musa clinic @ DSH. And, that means another day off for me today after 4 days CNY holiday! Although she's sick, but she doesn't look like one. She's still active as usual and doesn't really sleep and rest for the whole day except for about an hour this morning. I guess that must be because of the medicine that the doctor gave to her during our visit.
Now, she's sleeping soundly in her cot. InsyaAllah, she will be getting better by tomorrow morning.

Get well soon sayang!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

BF and TLC =)

Nowadays, most mommies has set a target to fully breastfeed their child once they delivered. Almost all hospitals either the government or the privates also promoting the benefits of breastfeeding especially to baby up to the first 6 months. Many campaigns, posters and parenting classes were up and being organised to educate parent-to-be. So far as I know, there is also Breastfeeding Week, which was held last August 2008, and will be held yearly. Amazingly, it is not only celebrated in Malaysia but the whole world.

Me too, does not want to miss out the opportunity. Maryam, Alhamdulillah is on BF until today. Yup, sometimes I do feel tired especially to try and squeeze some time during working hours to express. But, the negative feeling turned out to be a strong determination whenever I look at her photo and watch her video on my hp when expressing. Thanks also to my precious tool i.e. my pumping machine- Spectra3! Within 10-15mins you can get a full 5 oz EBM! It is highly recommended! Despite it's lightweight and portable, the suction level can also be adjusted according to your convenience level. It is also very user friendly and comfortable. The price is not that expensive compared to other brands. I bought it at RM368 last March 2008, which only comes with 1 spectra bottle. But at thelilcaliph online store, you can get 6 MOM's Precious bottle FOC which cost RM35.90! Even more, by just one click, it can be delivered to your doorstep for free since it costs you more than RM200!(T&C applies) What a really good bargain!

For mommies out there, you can buy anything for your precious at your finger tips. At thelilcaliphonline store, you can get anything that you want. From the day you were blessed with the good news of the amazing dot in your womb until the day your child is born, everything you needed is here. Have a pleasant time shopping there!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

First timer?

Just trying out something new..perhaps starting a new hobby? To become a blogger...sharing thru esperience or thru research on anything esp on parenting, babies etc. Hope I'm able to manage my time wisely on something that would benefit myself and those who are reading my blog. Or is there anyone reading it? ehhe..I guess so..Sooner or later. =)

I think that's all for now. Need to get familiar with this thing (blog etc) first to proceed further. Any bloggers who are willingly to help are most welcome.

C ya!